Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is Anthony Spencer Ready?

The time is now. No more developmental time. No more learning curve. No more injuries. Just production on the field during games when it counts. Anthony Spencer has been given a golden opportunity to step up as a big time player on the defense.

Playing opposite Demarcus Ware is a dream come true for any pass rusher because you know the offense will focus on Ware. That means Spencer has to keep the defense honest. He has shown flashes but he hasn't been on the field enough for the fans to see if he can do it consistently. Apparently the coaches have seen enough in the games and practice to believe in him.

Spencer looked good against the run last season. He was mostly on the field in running situations while Greg Ellis was usually in the game for obvious passing downs. At least that is the current justification for Spencer's lack of sacks up to this point in his career. I do think his numbers have been hurt by not getting a chance to go all out at the quarterback because he was usually in situations where he had to play the run first. That doesn't matter any more. Now is his chance. Spencer has to beat his one-on-one blocks or Demarcus Ware will be double and triple teamed all year long.


  1. Very well put, but the same question can be asked about alot of the Cowboys players. Are they ready? Is Miles Austin ready to become an every down reciever? Are Jenkins and Scandrick really ready to become the 2nd and 3rd corner? Is Tony Romo ready to lead his team? Alot of question marks surrounding these players. After this season, we'll be able to see more clearly who is ready and who will never be ready.

  2. Spencer has to play and he must have some inpact.Ellis looked old and really didn't make any plays last year. It's Spencer's time

  3. Ellis had eight sacks (tied for second with James) and an interception (as many as Hamlin, Henry, Jenkins, and Scandrick)...he had 36 tackles in partime work...those aren't bad stats for an OLB...I understand why the Cowboys let him go, but he DID make plays last year, and he'll make them for someone else this season. ESPN has Ellis fielding at least three offers in the $3 mil-per-year range. Hope he gets the AFC.

  4. I have faith that he'll do OK. I have to trust the coaches that he's ready. I predict he'll get 8 sacks this year and will be fine in pass coverage.

    I'm more worried about DEPTH. That's the only reason I would want to keep Ellis on the roster. Again, I guess I have to have faith that the coaches see something in one of the rookies to feel confident that they can play when needed..

  5. I'm still unsure of Spencer based on his previous performance. Of course you're right, his lack of sacks can be directly attributed to the fact that Ellis was the pass situation guy, but Spencer still did do a good job against the run, and managed to get a few sacks as well.

    It'll be interesting to see how it plays out, but as it stands now, he's got about as good a chance of starting opposite Ware as any of the rookies do. Just works out like that.

  6. I'm pretty sure Ellis's interception just fell in his hands. 8 sacks is good but D-Ware is on the other side but still looked old at times