Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Are the Cowboys Draft Picks Always Hurt?

I know I might be a little jaded, but doesn't it seem like the Cowboys have the worst luck in the NFL when it comes to injuries to their draft picks?  This year it started early with Morris Claiborne needing surgery on his wrist immediately following the draft.  The Cowboys knew he would need surgery when they picked him so that one wasn't a big surprise.  But it still hurts that he missed the rookie minicamp and now is missing OTA's.

Next up was Kyle Wilbur.  He somehow broke his finger during rookie minicamp and needed surgery and pins inserted into his finger to help the injury heal.  Again, not a major deal, but something that forced him out of the last day of rookie mini-camp and now OTA's.  The time he is missing learning the defense can't be replaced.

And today Danny Coale went down with a broken foot.  It looks like he has a good chance to be back for training camp, but he'll miss the entire offseason of work with his teammates and coaches.  So even if he can get himself in playing shape by the time the preseason games start he will be way behind the rest of the receiving corp when it comes to knowing the offense and developing chemistry with his quarterbacks. 

The injury bug seems to be a problem on one level or another every single year for the Cowboys and their draft picks.  All we can do is hope that this will be the end of the injuries.  And, I guess, we should be thankful that none of the injuries have been catastrophic season enders.