Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy Day At Valley Ranch

The first big move of the offseason happened this afternoon when the Cowboys traded Anthony Henry to Detroit for Jon Kitna. It was a very surprising move since it was anticipated that Henry would be contributing in the defense at least part time as a safety this year. I am thrilled that we addressed our most glaring need at backup QB, but I wonder not only about the trade but the timing of the move. If the Cowboys were truly attempting to trade or resign Roy Williams to a new deal then this trade has completely destroyed any leverage the team had.

I'm guessing the Lions forced the Cowboys' hand on this deal because I just don't see Jerry Jones throwing away his only bargaining chip. Maybe Anthony Henry didn't want to move to safety full time. Who knows, but he is gone now so there is no use in crying over spilled milk. We created a hole to fill another hole and we saved money on the salary cap. I'm not thrilled about giving up Henry straight up for Kitna but it isn't the worst move either. At least we have insured that we won't have a repeat of last year if Romo is injured again. Kitna has a lot of experience and he can get the ball down the field. And we have two young cornerbacks who will be competing for the starting spot that Anthony Henry left open.

The Keith Brooking signing looks great for Dallas. The 3-year, $6 million deal the Cowboys got him for seems like a bargain. Brooking is only 33 so he is still young enough to play out his contract. He immediately steps into the position that Zach Thomas vacated at the weak side inside linebacker. I consider him to be a major upgrade. Zach Thomas made a lot of tackles last year but he missed a lot too and it was apparent that he has lost a step or two. Keith Brooking will improve the defense and he has worked with Wade Phillips in the past so he knows what this defensive scheme is all about.

Good riddance to Brad Johnson. I am eternally optimistic about this team and even I have nothing good to say about Brad Johnson. He was an embarrassment to himself, his profession, the organization and the fans last year as the backup quarterback. I just don't understand why the coaches didn't pull the plug on him sooner during Romo's absence. It is time to retire, Brad. You better get out of town fast before Jerry asks for some of his money back after your poor play last season. Kitna will be a major upgrade over Brad Johnson.

It was a busy day and it isn't over yet so maybe there is more news to come. I think the team got better today overall. I'm sure there will be news one way or the other on Roy Williams very soon. It would certainly appear that we will be attempting to bring him back next season to start at the safety position. Maybe he can be more successful in the more aggression version of the 3-4 that the team ran in the second half of the season while Roy was injured. I am always looking for a positive spin on the state of the team and that is all I can come up with for Roy.


  1. Very well put. I like getting Kitna, but it's gonna take some time to get over losing Henry. I thought he was a class act. Brooking is the perfect move. He has the leadership of Ray Lewis, but doesn't demand a huge contract. I think the Cowboys have 11 picks (not too sure), but with that many picks there is still another trade or two to come. It would be nice to trade for a safety.

  2. romo for cutler! any takers, stronger arm better accuracy

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