Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

Jason Witten is the best tight end in the NFL. Chris Cooley is an idiot. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Enough of the speculation about Terrell Owens already. We get it. He is either going to stay or go. I think the story has officially been killed. Let's just wait and see what happens.

Jerry Jones essentially says nothing to the media and they still manage to make a story about it. The media is now coming up with stories on what they think somewhat might have meant. Very professional reporting. Straight out of the Ed Werder school of journalism.

The Julius Peppers to Dallas garbage is officially over now that he has been franchised. It was dumb to think this might ever happen this year to begin with.

How does anyone honestly believe that the Cowboys are going to make a play in free agency when we don't even have enough money to resign Demarcus Ware and our 2009 draft picks right now? I seriously doubt you will hear of any big names coming to Dallas this year.

Miles Austin isn't going anywhere. I know the media is making Jerry Jones out to be a bumbling idiot right now, but he is smart enough to realize the worth of his young receiver. He will be the #3 receiver this year.

There are a lot of veteran quarterbacks available in free agency. The Cowboys have got to find one of them to back up Romo. I hope the Cowboys have a plan in place.

Ray Lewis has played the media like a fiddle. His new contract with the Ravens is getting a little bigger with every new story that speculates on a move to Dallas.

Is Anthony Henry going to move to safety this offseason? I am wondering if the Cowboys are waiting to see if they can find someone and using Henry has the backup plan if free agency and the draft don't find an answer at safety.

Wade Phillips is now the defensive coordinator and people acted surprised. This is the one aspect of coaching where he excels so why wouldn't he run the defense?


  1. You are dead on, on all accounts.

    Every no story becomes a story.

    Amazing how when the Boys win, they have those who try and hate.
    When they lose, they still have trhose who try and hate.
    Are there not 31 other teams in the NFL.

    And lets face it, I really think that when it comes to Jerry, other fans are just jealous that there owners dont like to do what ever it takes to have there teams compete.

  2. Jerry Jones is PT Barum without the smarts I want I team not a name brand. No to Ray lewis I can't stand him. I can't tell the differnce between BET or the NFL network Is to late to bring back Quincy Cater he would be our best back up QB right now.

  3. I am not a bandwagon fan I've been a big cowboy fan for over Forty years I have seen good teams and bad teams. I have seen great wins and horrible loses that keep you up at night. But this team has given me nothing but pain. It's hard not to have a negative attitude. I live in NJ so I have to buy the NFL package to see cowboy games. I can not purchaes it this year they give me no enjoyment for close to 400 I will only watch the painful national games. You don't have to climb on or off the bandwagon to be negative about this current cowboy team.