Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Is Time for the Talking to Stop

The time has come for this team to stop talking to the media. It has become apparent over the course of the last five weeks that it really doesn't matter what anyone on this team says at this point. The media is going to make any comment fit the current storyline about this team. Let the talking heads on ESPN say what they are going to say. Let the Dallas media keep spreading the negativity. Nothing is going to change their minds about this team but playing better next season.

Anything any player, coach or the owner says at this point is useless as far as next season is concerned. Don't get me wrong about giving the fans information. If a major roster move is made (like the release of Terrell Owens or Roy Williams) then I would expect a statement from the team. But put it out in print. Don't even bother getting in front of a microphone or speaking to any of the media members on the phone. No more anonymous sources.

All of the energy of everyone in this organization needs to be focused on repairing what is broken on this team. The players need to get healthy. We need every player to work harder this offseason to prevent another season like this one. Jerry Jones needs to put all of his energy into making sure the team roster gives us the best chance to win next season. The coaches need to find better ways to utilize the talent on this team and make the players accountable for their play. Our leaders need to be working out of the media spotlight to build team unity. All the talking does is waste energy that could be spent on what is important right now.

It has turned in to the Dallas Cowboys versus the world. Talking isn't getting anyone anywhere but into more turmoil and controversy. Almost every perceived problem this team has can be solved with one simple remedy. Win. Win more games and especially big, high-pressure games late next season. Talking to the media isn't going to help make that happen.

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  1. More importantly, Romo needs to put this hollywood lifestyle behind him, get in the gym and focus on football for an entire ten-month period. There will be plenty of time for loose women when his career is over in another two years.