Friday, January 8, 2010

I Hope the Cowboys Aren't As Nervous As I Am

Less than 24 hours from the game and I can't take much more waiting. A lot of fans were enjoying the victory early in the week but I was already getting amped for the playoff game even before the game Sunday ended. Like I've said many times here, all of the regular season stuff was great, but the big hurdle is still remains.

The Cowboys have managed to contain DeSean Jackson twice and they will need to limit his impact a third time to keep the Eagles under control. He may break off a play or two and even score a touchdown but they can't allow him to change the game with too many big plays. And the Cowboys especially need to keep his punt returns to a minimum to force the Eagles to drive the length of the field to score.

Donovan McNabb is not a consistent passer and he rarely takes his team methodically down the field. The Eagles live and die on the big play. If the Eagles have bad field position then a big 30 or 40 yard play may not even put them in scoring position. Special teams is going to be a big key to the game.

Tony Romo has been great for over a month but he has got to deliver one more time in this game. He doesn't have to do anything spectacular, but he needs to put points on the board and limit bad plays. If he can limit his mistakes and turnovers then it will be very hard for the Eagles to score enough points to win the game.

And finally, the defense needs one more solid showing in this game. I seriously doubt they can throw a shut out for the third game in a row, but if they can keep the Eagles to 20 points or less I believe the Cowboys will win. They need to stop the run early and then force McNabb to rush his throws. They will need to stay disciplined in their pass rush so that Donovan can't start scrambling around like a mad man because that is when he becomes very dangerous. If they can pressure him from the outside and up the middle then he won't have anywhere to run when he starts to get antsy in the pocket.

I've said it all week long. We've waited long enough for a playoff win. Over 13 years and counting. I believe the streak ends tomorrow night. I predict the Cowboys win 27-17.


  1. I'm going to sleep all day and then wake up at like 6 so I don't have to wait any longer. Biggest game ever.

  2. Cowboys got this.

  3. I'ts so funny how nervous everyone is I am too. My kids call me all day telling how nervous they are. I read your blog and it helps a little bit.
    go cowboys

  4. We're all so nervous because this is a defining game for this team. If we win tonight, we're a bonafide contender for the forseeable future; if we lose, then the team is going to get over the "Same 'ol Cowboys" hurdle AGAIN next season. This one is about as big as it gets. Couple that with the news of the Philly website writer spitting on the star and Desean Jackson opening his illiterate mouth, WE WANT BLOOD.

    I'm with you guys, I've been obsessed with this game all week. Now it's time to get it done!

  5. eat a fat one philly 31-7 halftime losers

  6. wooohooooo VICTORY baby.

    Witten had a rough night but its ok he's still my boy.

    As mortal combat would say FLAWLESS VICTORY

  7. I was so upset like all cowboys fans but now enjoying the victoy:)