Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints' Win Proves the Cowboys Are Close

I wasn't cheering for the Saints to win yesterday. I have never been a fan of watching the masses jump on the bandwagon and then celebrating like they've been there all along. There are people all across the country claiming they are Saints fans now and we all know that is not true for the vast majority of them. So I was disappointed by the outcome but I have to admit that their win gets me excited about next season.

The Cowboys may have lost in ugly fashion against the Vikings, but they flat out beat the Saints on their field in December this season. The win the Cowboys had against the Saints was no fluke. They dominated the game and were the better team that day. And now that the Saints are the NFL champions you can see just how close the Cowboys are.

The Cowboys can obviously play with any team in the NFL. But they still need to improve their depth because it is highly unlikely they will be so lucky on the injury front again next year. With improved depth they would be able to overcome an injury to a starter without the season falling apart. And the schedule next season is shaping up to be a tough one so the Cowboys need to field a better team next season if they want to repeat their success and take it to the next level.

I'm certainly not celebrating the Saints win at all. But I am celebrating the fact that the Cowboys are close. The big question will be whether the Cowboys can make the improvements needed to climb back to the top of the NFL. Jerry Jones doesn't have many holes to fill but he has to improve the team or we won't be seeing a championship next year. Next year is going to be Super Bowl or bust for the Cowboys. But at least we know that hoping for an NFL championship isn't a long shot dream next year.


  1. My biggest concern about this team is stretching the field. I know Miles Austin was great this season, but let's hope he keeps it going. We need someone with lots of speed though to stretch the field, we have too many short passing plays. It's the one thing we haven't replaced since T.O. left. I don't think the problem will be fixed though because Roy Williams isn't a deep threat, and Jerry won't draft one because he knows that would be showing the world he made a mistake with Williams.

    I do think they've found some new ways of getting down the field though. The screens to Felix and Austin, and the quick slants and quick routes have been added and effective. Hopefully the defense will only get better and not regress.

    As you are, I'm also very excited for next year. I know every year the goal is the Super Bowl, but next year the Super Bowl will be in Dallas...and nothing would be better to see them in their home stadium.

  2. You know, the Cowboys haven't just beaten the Super Bowl champs this year. They beat the '08 Giants and '07 Colts. They held their own against the Cards and Steelers last year too, despite all the injuries. Since Romo has been starting, this team is 3-1 against the future world champions.

  3. Ya that's great but the problem is they haven't become the national champions

  4. Which I think they can do don't get me wrong we just shouldn't be content with beating teams in the regular season