Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flozell and Hamlin Look Safe...For Now

It is becoming apparent as the Cowboys stand pat during the early stages of free agency that they are going to wait until the draft is completed to make any big roster decisions. As frustrating as it can seem that the Cowboys aren't making any moves it also makes some sense.

It isn't like there are any great players left in free agency at this point. The Cowboys chose not to overpay for good but not great free agents early in free agency. So now there really aren't many players who merit real consideration. There are a few restricted free agents available but teams don't seem willing to trade for anything less than what the tender offers guarantee up to this point.

So it looks like the Cowboys will decide on Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin after the draft is over. If they can score a talented future starter at either position then they will probably cut one or both players. The good news is that the Cowboys have players at tackle and safety who could temporarily fill in as starters while a rookie develops.

Doug Free could man the left tackle job if the Cowboys pick a tackle they view as a potential starter. That insurance would make Flozell Adams expendable. And in the same way Alan Ball can fill in at safety while a talented rookie safety gets some time to learn the defense and get comfortable with the complexity and speed of the pro game.

We know what the Cowboys have in Hamlin and Flozell so holding on to them for now is the right move. It would make the team desperate if either player were released prior to the draft. The quickest way to make a big mistake in the draft is to go in feeling like you have to land a player at a specific position in the early rounds. So keeping Hamlin and Flozell as insurance allows the Cowboys to remain flexible during the draft.

Once the draft is completed all bets are off for both players. Especially if the Cowboys manage to pull in a highly touted safety or tackle.


  1. I think I know quite a bit about football, but I have little knowledge when it comes to the o-line. I can see that we aren't very good at pass protecting, and when they block hard we can open the biggest holes for our running backs. Adams still seems like he can get it done to me. I'll live with the false starts because he doesn't get Romo lit up. I'm just not sure Free is a left tackle. I think it would be a step back from Flo, but I could be totally wrong. I trust the coaches more than ever now, after we've seen so many players get an opportunity and contribute. If they say they have someone ready, I believe them.

  2. I think we should be done with Flozell if not this season, then next. You can tell he's not the player he once was. He gets beaten and then commits a penalty to make it worse. He's just not as quick as he should be, his footwork isn't good enough anymore. I think we should go with Doug Free and get a tackle in the 2nd or 3rd round. We should hope to get Earl Thomas in the 1st or trade up to get him. I really think Earl Thomas can help with the defense, I would be very excited to see him in a Cowboy jersey.

  3. I'm the same "anonymous" from your Dez Bryant thread. I couldn't agree with you more that Flozell is in his last year with us if he even remains this year. Again, I am dead set against moving up for ANYONE. If the best player available at 27 is O-line that's who I want at 27. Where did we lose to the Vikes? at the offensive line. Also keep in mind that history shows the S position almost never warrants 1st round value.