Saturday, August 21, 2010

Observations from the San Diego Game

Jason Hatcher got the start at defensive end. I wonder if that means anything. I don't think Bowen or Hatcher have done anything that would force the coaches to make a change in the starting lineup when Spears gets back.

Alan Ball made a good open field tackle on Darren Sproles on a screen pass. I would have been more impressed if the tackle didn't come after a 20 yard gain.

The first team defense didn't look great on the opening drive. The Chargers were able to run and pass all the way down the field. But Terence Newman made a great play to undercut and intercept an out route in the red zone. Hopefully the turnover is a sign of things to come from the defense this year.

The first series from the offense ended in an interception. Romo forced a bad pass with a free rusher in his face. Romo and Roy Williams missed another easy connection on the drive as well. Brewster and Holland both seemed to do a decent job on the opening drive.

Gerald Sensabaugh appeared to injure his left shoulder on the defense's second series. Barry Church stepped in for him. Keith Brooking did a good job (illegal contact?) covering Antonio Gates on a third down play. Barry Church made a nice goal line tackle on the drive. Philip Rivers finished the drive with a touchdown on a quarterback sneak and then ran his mouth as usual after the play.

The first team offense was very sloppy on their second drive. They look like a unit with a bunch of backup players trying to keep the offense afloat. Romo was heavily pressured on every pass.

Sean Lee got extended playing time because Keith Brooking banged up his shoulder and was taken out of the game as a precaution. Lee made two tackles in three plays on a three and out forced by the defense. Lee had a pretty good game for his first preseason appearance. He is going to be a starter for a long time if his knees hold up.

Doug Free made a great lead block on a toss left to Marion Barber. Unfortunately the drive ended on a dropped pass by Miles Austin. Once again, the first team offense just didn't look good.

Barry Church, filling in for the injured Sensabaugh, picked up a fumble and nearly scored. Tony Romo connected with Miles Austin a few plays later to end the offense's preseason touchdown drought.

Brewster earned a lot of respect tonight. He did a decent job with the starters at right tackle and then shifted to left tackle in the second half. He might be developing into a real NFL player right before our eyes. When I first saw Brewster play I thought he fit better at guard but he looked a lot more comfortable against San Diego.

Martellus Bennett reminded everyone why he had some much excitement surrounding him last year in the preseason. He made several nice plays including a great catch for a touchdown. And, more importantly, I didn't see any plays all night where he had to be told where to line up.

Owusu-Ansah had a 45 yard punt return called back for a block in the back, but his burst and vision was impressive on the return. He had a fumble on a kick return earlier in the game so ball security is an issue. But I'm excited about his potential.


  1. I think gordon has that fourth spot locked up after a solid performance tonight. Offense is looking sloppy every game. Though I don't think it has a whole lot of meaning in the preseason.

  2. The whole season will live and die with the performance of the offensive line. They might as well just rest the skill position guys. If Doug Free and the others don't step up, Jerry Jones is going to feel like a buffoon for cutting Flozell.

  3. The more I think about the game the more I am starting to believe that the players are just overtrained right now. Training camp has been a long grind (a week longer than usual) and Wade is pushing the two-a-days hard this year. Maybe its time to back off and let the players recover mentally and physically.

  4. Just re-watched the game today and have a few comments.
    1) romo rushed his passes all night. Seemed to not have confidence in the o-line. I believe that will improve as the season progresses.
    2) Romo did bark at the line during a possession. I liked seeing that. Don't recall Romo getting in the lines face in the past. Good leadership.
    2) Marty B was a beast and looked great both blocking and in passing game.
    3) The D got gashed mainly on screens. That will improve as they game plan. Doubt they gameplanned the screen pass at all during the week. I personally felt the D was not too bad and love the turnovers.
    4) At time Victor Butler is dominant. Can't wait to see him progress. He is really playing well.
    5) we are stacked at linebacker, but the d-line is getting pushed back. Spears return will be welcomed. Need more beef up front.
    6) i am not so sure Gurode is a pro-bowl caliber center. Would like to get an inside opinion on how he makes his line calls during a game. We seem to have trouble picking up blitzes way to often.

    No long-term injuries. Thats what you ask for in peseason.