Saturday, October 16, 2010

Will the Cowboys End Favre or Will Favre End the Cowboys?

Here we go again. Back to the Metrodome to revisit the Cowboys house of horrors. The last time the Cowboys visited Minnesota we all know how things ended. 34-3...the game wasn't as bad as the score indicates since the Vikings ran up the score but it was a dominant win for the Vikings.

So what is different this time around? Not really much for the Cowboys except for the fact that they come into the game with no confidence as opposed to being filled with confidence coming off their blowout over Philadelphia last season. The Cowboys still have problems at safety and they still have problems on the offensive line and a kicker who's ability can best be described as questionable.

The Vikings last season were also a team brimming with confidence. Brett Favre was at his best and the defensive line was tough to deal with. This year Favre looks like a man who stayed one year too long. The Viking offense hasn't been good all year and the defense is nothing like what we saw last season.

It is amazing how different this matchup appears this week compared to what we thought it would be when the schedule came out. This was supposed to be the clash of the NFC titans. Instead we essentially have the NFC toilet bowl.

But something has got to give here. Both of these teams are better than they have shown up to this point. And the Vikings have added Randy Moss who seemed to have put a little spark back into their offense last week. The Cowboys haven't shown anything that would make you believe they are ready to turn the corner but they do have possibly the most dynamic offense in the NFL.

It is difficult to predict how this game will play out. If the Cowboys can get some early points they might be able to keep the crowd from becoming such a big factor this time around. And maybe the Cowboys can establish more of a running game this time around to keep the Vikings from rushing the quarterback relentlessly like they did the last time around.

But on the flip side, Randy Moss is like kryptonite to the Cowboys defense. He has always burned them for big plays nearly every time he has face them. And the Cowboys have struggled with allowing big plays in the passing game this season. So that matchup could be a big problem.

I think the game will come down to what happens with Brett Favre. Favre has a tendency to turn the ball over when he faces the Cowboys. And he will be pressing this week and playing with a bad elbow. It seems as though he is one big hit away from the end of his career. But if he comes out hot the Vikings will be very tough to beat.

There is really nothing coming out of Valley Ranch this week that leads me to believe they will win this game. But I just can't allow myself to give up on the season yet. I pick this game with no confidence but my heart tells me the Cowboys will win the game 31-20.

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