Friday, February 11, 2011

Interview with Jimmy Johnson

I was lucky enough to get a few minutes of Jimmy Johnson's time today in conjunction with the first annual Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl. I would have loved to ask him more questions but my time was limited. Here is what Jimmy had to say.

1. What victory in your time with the Cowboys stands out the most to you?
"Oh, obviously the win in the first Super Bowl that was the most exciting time to me. We had plenty of fun moments but that was the most exciting."

2. What about the first NFC championship game that you won in San Francisco?
"Obviously that was one of the highlights, it was one of the big ones, but winning ultimate prize, the Super Bowl, is the best."

3. What do you think was the biggest key to the dominance of your teams in the early 90's?
"We had an extremely talented team in all phases and that's why it was a great team. On offense we had some super stars, three of them are in the hall of fame now. And we led the league in total defense plus we were good on special teams."

4. How does the Cowboys team as it is constructed now compare to your team in the 90's?
"I never been good at comparing teams. The only way you can really gauge your team is look at the results. And obviously you can't compare their results right now to us winning Super Bowls. They have to win the Super Bowl before you can compare."

5. What do you think will make Jason Garrett successful as a head coach?
"Jason is very passionate about the game, he is very intelligent. I think he has prepared himself well."

6. Do you expect to see Jason Garrett succeed?
"Yes, I think Jason is going to do an outstanding job. He showed signs of that at the end of the season last year and I think he is just going to continue on with that."

7. Which was the bigger challenge, working as coach of the Dallas Cowboys or your time on Survivor?
"Well, they are completely different. Survivor was extremely difficult, especially at my age. But I think it was tough both ways. But I have to say the Cowboys because I won the ultimate prize with the Cowboys and I didn't in Survivor."

8. Where exactly did the line "How 'Bout Them Cowboys!" come from?
"I don't know. I just kind of all of a sudden thought that it would be appropriate."

9. Tell me about the Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl.
"I've been working with Crown Royal for a few years now and they have had promotions like this one and I think this one was extremely successful. The Jimmy Bowl was exciting for everyone and it was a good game."

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