Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Training Camp Circus This Year

I don't how or why it happened. But there won't be a repeat of the traveling circus during this year's training camp. And that is good news no matter how you look at it. The Cowboys will spend three weeks in San Antonio to start training camp this year before returning to Dallas to finish out the preseason.

Last year the team went from San Antonio, to Dallas, to Oxnard and back to Dallas again during camp. Throw in the fact that they also played in the Hall of Fame game meaning they got five preseason games instead of the usual four and it is easy to see how the team was mentally fatigued before the season even started.

I'm not saying that training camp last year is the excuse for everything that happened last season, but it certainly didn't help.

I have to believe that Jason Garrett had some input on the training camp schedule this year. Jason Garrett is trying to instill focus and professionalism after Wade Phillips allowed the team to slip into disarray with his lackadaisical approach. And you know Jerry Jones believes in Jason Garrett and takes advice from him seriously.

This year I think we will see a lot less of a show during training camp and a lot more hard work. Without the added travel and camp relocation it should make for a much more effective camp. Of course this is all assuming that everything gets worked out with the new CBA before the start of training camp.


  1. I like where this is going.


  2. R2W i'm going to be a jerk for a second. You posted about Dez's many problems... But what about Demarcus Ware giving money to an elementary school to help pay medical expenses for a student.

    AND what about him also giving away 60k to his team mates.

    WBF --Did ya miss me?

    I realize it isn't sensational but really not just bad stories sell :).

    lets keep this positive vibe going into next season and lets get the fanbase charged up. Last year is dead and gone new cowboys now. We might not host the superbowl this year but we will be playing in it. I said it and yes I know it is taboo.

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