Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are We Close to Getting Football Back?

The latest news is that the owners and players are meeting once again to try to negotiate a new deal to get the NFL operational again. I really don't care who "wins" this thing. I just want the offseason to get going again. It has been a struggle to stay engaged in the day to day NFL courtroom battles because that isn't what draws me to the NFL.

I miss hearing how the draft picks are developing. I miss free agency. I miss the new found hope for next season that is usually coursing through my veins at this point in the summer. The sooner the league gets back in action the sooner I can become completely consumed with it again.

I hope the players and owners realize how much they have alienated their fan base. I consider myself one of the most hardcore type of fans. I live and die with my team. But I have found myself becoming indifferent as the lockout drags on. While there is no doubt I'll be 100% committed to the Cowboys and the NFL as soon as the lockout ends I do wonder about the casual fan. Will they be so quick to forgive? I think so since most of the people who are missing football right now are the hardcore type of fan.

I hope we are nearing the end of this ridiculous battle over the money that the fans provide to the game we love. It amazes me how both the players and owners are willing to turn off the fan base who provides, directly or indirectly, the entire revenue stream for the league. They better be careful dragging this thing out or the pie they are fighting over is going to start shrinking.

If a deal can be worked out in the next few weeks then we will at least get a full training camp and preseason followed by a 16 game regular season. I am ready for free agency to get started. And I am ready for my team to get back to work at Valley Ranch.

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  1. I usually buy a new jersey, 2 new ball caps, and I try to make to Dallas for one game a year (I live south of Houston). I have allready decided that if there is a season this year I wont be doing any of these things. I guess I will take the kids camping instead, But in my own little way I will be trying to show my feelings for this whole ordeal. I am like you. As soon as the season is over for the cowboys (which in reality was in what, week 5 last year?) I start to look forward to the next season. Off season is usually brutal for me, but this year has been unbearable. If there is no training camp this season I will be greatly disappointed.