Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Revisionists Are Questioning the Crayton Trade?

I can't believe this is still coming up. The media is trying to re-write history and call into question the trade the Cowboys made last year shipping Patrick Crayton to the San Diego Chargers. While it is easy to second guess the decision now, you have to go back to the 2010 preseason to really evaluate what the Cowboys did at that time. Too much has changed in the last year to now go back and re-evaluate the trade based on the current roster situation.

Last preseason it really looked like it was finally time for Roy Williams to shine. And with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant filling out the rest of the top three receivers it didn't leave a lot of potential playing time for Crayton. And Crayton didn't like it. And he didn't mind talking about how he didn't like it either. And he even mentioned that maybe he needed to go to a team that could get him on the field.

Given Crayton's history of causing controversy in the media the last thing the team wanted to do was force Crayton to sit on the bench and then listen to him whine to the coaches and the media throughout the season. Crayton had asked for his release right after the draft when the Cowboys picked Dez Bryant with their #1 pick. You can't forget that fact when you look back at the events that led to Crayton's trade to San Diego.

So the Cowboys go what they could in a trade a shipped him off to San Diego. Problem solved. Or so it seemed for a while. Roy Williams started the season out on fire. Miles Austin was the clear #1 receiver with Williams and Bryant sharing time at the #2 spot. But then Romo got hurt. And without Romo Williams' promising start to the season fizzled out and he finished out the year in a serious decline.

Now that the Cowboys finally had to cut the cord on the gargantuan Roy Williams contract it is easy to second guess what the Cowboys did a year ago. Sure, the Cowboys need help at wide receiver. But Crayton isn't exactly a young player and it would have made it very difficult to develop any young talent since Crayton wouldn't have been willing to take a lesser role in the offense while Kevin Ogletree and/or Dwayne Harris got on the field.

Don't be fooled by the reporting that calls the trade from a year ago into question. It is easy to say what someone should have done a year later. But, at the time, the trade made perfect sense.

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