Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time to Win 3 Straight

It is time to let last week’s game go. I’m not going to forget that it happened but I can’t keep thinking about it or I might never watch another NFL game again. The Cowboys are 0-1. There is now way around that. They lost a game they should have won. And there is a good chance that we’ll think back to the Jets game in December and talk about how they Cowboys could really use that victory.

The only remedy for a game like last week is for the team to win. And not only win one game but win several games. If you look at the upcoming schedule it definitely lends itself to the Cowboys getting on a bit of a role. And, in all honesty, the Cowboys need to head into the bye week (week 5) on a 3 game winning streak.

Why is it so important for the Cowboys to streak into the bye? Actually there are several reasons. First and foremost is that the Cowboys needs to re-establish the belief in the team that they are winners. I know they aren’t all wallowing in their own misery right now but there is something to be said for someone who believes deep down that they will win when the game is on the line. And that kind of confidence comes from winning on a regular basis.

Look at the game following the week 5 bye. The Cowboys will be playing at New England in week 6. Now I’m not saying the Cowboys can’t beat the Patriots. But I am saying that they won’t stand much of a chance if they don’t go into that game with a great deal of confidence that they can win against any team. Again, that confidence will only come if the Cowboys start winning games in bunches.

Tony Romo needs a winning streak right now more than possibly any player in the league. I know he is a very good quarterback. But he has got to prove that he can consistently perform at a winning level. He did it for 3 and a half quarters on Sunday night. Another half quarter would have been nice. But he needs to play three good games in a row so not only the fans get over the Jets game, but also so that any of his teammates that have a little bit of doubt in Tony can remember why they believed in him to begin with.

Jason Garrett needs to get his team winning on a regular basis. It certainly seems that his players have bought into his system. But he needs to get results in the games or his players might start to develop a little bit of doubt in their head coach. And things can go downhill fast if the coach loses even a few of his players. Winning breeds winning and winning makes players believe in their coach.

I’m not looking past the 49ers on Sunday. The Cowboys aren’t talented enough this season to try to sleepwalk against any team in the league. The Cowboys needs to go out and play good football against the 49ers and win handily. And then they need to handle the Redskins at home. Then follow that up with a win against a tough Detroit team. Maybe then we can all start to believe that this team is capable of making a serious run at a playoff spot this season.

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  1. hi, I really think we can beat the patriots. If anything this should be a shootout. But if the cowboys can control the pace of the game by running the ball, make a few stops and work the clock in the fourth quarter we should win. Brady is better than Romo. But Romo is no slouch. He picked apart a great Jets Defense, No other QB has accomplished that and with a 101 QBR. That being said the Patriots defense allowed Chad Henne to throw for over 400 yards. If he could do that, Romo can do that with ease. There defense is bad right now. So that could be the cowboys saving grace. Also the patriots are starting Nate Soldier on the offensive lines right tackle I believe. Ware and Spencer should take him to school. By the way about the Jets loss. It was not on romo. When he fumbled they were up by 7. When he got it back they were still up by 7. Special teams with the punt block gave up the 7 point lead not romo. The int at the end was bad, but that only cost us 3 points. If special teams does not make that bad play we are still up by 4. To make a long story short, the team has to start helping Tony out instead of him having to carry it on a consistent basis, as he did on Sunday. Without him we don't even get on the board. Anyway, I love your blog! Take care man!