Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Better Team Won

I'm just going to write a few thoughts after the season ending loss to the Giants.

The Giants were the better team. I really thought the Cowboys were better than this but I guess I was just seeing things with my heart and not my head.

The Cowboys secondary is terrible. It is time for Newman to retire or get cut. Why don't the Cowboys DB's ever make a play on the ball? Eli Manning basically closed his eyes and threw the ball up to Victor Cruz with the Cowboys down 7 trying to get the Giants off the field on 3rd down. Scandrick had position but just got outplayed by Cruz once the ball was in the air.

The defense and the offensive line lost the game. A 21-0 deficit was just too much to overcome without a few boneheaded mistakes by the Giants. Maybe with a full offseason the defense will be able to grasp the complex Rob Ryan defense. There was way too much confusion pre-snap in the defense.

I knew the offensive line would be an issue heading into the season when the Cowboys cut 3 former pro bowlers. Unfortunately their youth and inexperience really showed in the most important game of the season.

Tony Romo is a great quarterback. He was the only reason the game wasn't a complete disaster in the 2nd half. He was sacked 6 times and I think there could have been at least 6 more if he wasn't making free rushers miss.

Why did it take until halftime for the Cowboys to adjust on offense and defense? By halftime it was really too late to comeback without playing nearly flawlessly in the 2nd half.

I came to the conclusion after the first embarrassing loss to the Eagles that the Cowboys were a mediocre team. So 8-8 is a fitting finish to the season.

There is a lot of work to do in the offseason. The secondary needs a serious makeover. And the offensive line needs major improvement.


  1. Rob Ryan needs to go and if J.G. is to stay, he needs to be regulated as a head coach and not an O.C. I've made the latter point now for over 2 years and I will not back off of it. Amazing what could've happened if we kept Sean Payton. No use in crying over spilled milk...

    The middle of the defense needs a big shift. Ratliff @ end and finally get a real 3-4 nose. Lissemore quietly had a great season for the amount of snaps he got. Hopefully Carter steps in well next year.

    Brookings, James, Spencer, Newman, and Elam (hopefully) will be gone. I wholeheartedly believe we do not necessarily need a top-5 defense (although it would be nice) but play-makers that take advantage of opportunities.

    OLB, ILB, Nose, G, S, and CB are our needs. Silver lining?? pick 14 and we play 3 seeds next year with an already difficult schedule. I'm getting tired of looking ahead to next year.

    There is one interesting thing I hope will be discussed. There will be a lot of rumors about H.C. and new Coordinators etc. I'm interested to hear if J.J. will reconsider bringing in Dan Reeves or someone of their caliber to evaluate talent...just a random thought.


  2. I think that this season was more difficult because the Cowboys kept giving us hope. You knew that they weren't a good team and that they'd get absolutely crushed by either the Packers or the Saints but they kept sticking around. It's just been so long since they won anything. One playoff win in the last 15 years for America's Team is beyond pathetic. Next year Romo will be another year older. He shows signs of greatness but he has for years now. They had a chance for the playoffs, failed in every way imaginable and ended the season 8-8 and in third place in the division, technically behind even the Eagles. Another wasted season.

  3. We all need to realize after so many years of this....17 to be exact.....only stop attending games will slow down Jerry's idiotic decision making.

  4. Love your blog man. Im tired of ignorant Cowboy fans. Glad you speak the truth.

  5. The Cowboys have the worst secondary in the league, the absolute worse. The Newman experiment has been a failure. Jenkins is not much better. Elam, Scandrick, Sensabaugh and whatever other tomato-can corner they found in a Dallas nightclub need to go. I'm not a huge fan of the SEC, but they do produce secondary guys like clockwork. Go out and draft as many of them as possible, and hope that some of them work out.