Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Ready for RGIII Twice a Year

It looks like the Washington Redskins have made a deal to move up to the #2 position in this year's NFL draft. And it appears to be a certainty that Andrew Luck will go #1 to the Colts and Robert Griffith III will be going to the Redskins.

Is this something we should be worried about? It is hard to tell but the guy is certainly a phenomenal athlete. He is going to be a tough guy to defend since he is such a fast runner.

The good news is that the Cowboys have been exposed to this type of quarterback for a couple of years now with Michael Vick starting for the Eagles. I'm not saying RGIII is the next Michael Vick but he certainly appears to have that potential.

If nothing else it will make the games against the Redskins entertaining. I don't know that the Cowboys currently have the defense to deal with guys like Vick and RGIII but at least Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett know heading into free agency what they need to focus on with their defense.

The thing I like the best about the Redskins moving up in the draft to get RGIII is how much they gave up to move up just 4 spots in the draft. It sounds like the Rams and Redskins swapped first round picks this year and the Rams get 2 future 1st round picks and additional picks. That is a steep price to pay to move up just a few spots in the draft. They may have landed RGIII but he better be a freakishly good player because they have handcuffed themselves in the draft for the next few years.


  1. I think the answer would be to get faster on defense. Sean Lee and eventually Bruce Carter will be good for that and Anthony Spencer is really good against bootlegs and speedy QBs. It is pretty worrisome considering we will be playing 4 games a year against speedy mobile QBs, but I think Jason Garret is smart enough to manage.

  2. Now that I have seen all the Redskins have gave up to get RGIII, it will definitely backfire. They may have a good qb for years, but they won't be able to fill the holes for future needs.

  3. The Skins did not overpay for RGIII. Saying that is like saying someone overpaid for a a heart transplant. You can only "overpay" for something if you a. could have potentially paid less, or b. could have passed on the purchase. A. is not true, because another team was willing to make a similar offer to get that draft pick. Had the Skins offered any less than they did, they would not have gotten the pick. B. is not an option because not getting RGIII means either looking for someone else to fill the spot (none available) or trying to succeed with Grossman for another season (oh please, anything but that.) RGIII was damn expensive, but we couldn't afford to not go for it.

    As for the Cowboys defense, you have to love the idea that a team would base their defensive strategy on addressing ONE other team. Gotta love a rivalry. Just goes to to show that in DC and Dallas we all know there are only two games in the season that really matter. Haha.