Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting Ready for the Draft

It has finally arrived.  The most exciting part of the offseason has to be the NFL draft.  And with the Cowboys holding the 14th pick we likely won't have to wait long for the Cowboys to add someone to the team.  There are some scenarios where the Cowboys could trade up.  There are scenarios where the Cowboys could trade down.  And there are scenarios where the Cowboys could pick at #14.  That is what makes the draft so interesting.  No one knows what will happen until the draft plays out.

I'll be happy if the Cowboys pick a defensive lineman with their first pick.  I'll be happy if the pick is Mark Barron, the safety out of Alabama.  I'll be happy if the pick is a pass rusher.  I'll be happy if the Cowboys go with David DeCastro at guard.

My theory on watching the draft is to try not to get hooked on any one particular player.  Odds are stacked against you coming away from the draft or at least the first round satisfied if you lock onto one guy and expect your team to pick that player at all costs. 

The Cowboys have addressed most of their glaring needs in free agency.  But they need upgrades at countless positions on the roster.  And just because a guy gets picked in the first round he isn't guaranteed to be an impact player.  It seems like half the players drafted in the first round every year end up disappointing the team that picks that player.  This year won't be different.

I'm very excited for the draft to get going.  The only thing we really know going into tomorrow night is that Andrew Luck will go first to the Colts and RGIII will go second to the Redskins.  All of the mock drafts and predictions get thrown out the window as soon as someone in the top ten makes what is considered a reach pick.  It will happen this year.  You can bank on that.

I'm not going to pretend to know what the Cowboys are thinking about doing tomorrow night.  But I won't be at all surprised if they pick David DeCastro with the 14th pick if he is still there for the picking.  But I will probably come away from tomorrow night satisfied with the pick as long as Jerry Jones doesn't completely trade out of the first round.

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  1. I feel the same way. No matter what we do, we'll only be upgrading the team. I've always liked Jason Garret, bu this off-season has improved that quite a bit. While I would love Barron back there, Decastro is the one guy who I hope to hear get called at 14 the most. This draft seems to have depth at every position the Cowboys need to upgrade, so no matter what i think we'll be satisfied.