Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who Needs a Big Game?

The final preseason game is already here.  We all know the key players who will make the roster.  And we know that the vast majority of them won't be playing in the game against the Dolphins.  So what can you find in this game to make it watchable?

Let's start with Danny Coale.  After the draft I was very excited by the pick the Cowboys made in the 5th round for Coale.  But then he got injured very early in the offseason.  He just started to get back into action a few weeks ago and we haven't really seen much of him yet in the preseason.  He is definitely on the bubble and could be cut if he doesn't show the coaches he belongs.  He needs a strong offensive performance but most likely also needs to show something on special teams to have a shot.

Stephen McGee appears to be done in Dallas.  He might be able to come out and play great in this game to salvage a roster spot but that seems unlikely.  It will be interesting to see what he does with his back against the wall.

The #3 receiver spot still hasn't been decided.  Kevin Ogletree and Dwayne Harris seem to be locks to make the team, but after that things are still very unclear.  Cole Beasley seems to have done enough to earn a spot but he still needs to play well in this game.  Andre Holmes has been progressively worse in the preseason games.  He needs a great showing or he will be practice squad material.

Adrian Hamilton has shown great skill rushing the passer.  But he hasn't done anything on special teams.  The only way he makes the team is if he can contribute on special teams in a big way.

Running back depth is another interesting thing to watch.  Phillip Tanner was good enough last year that he will likely be on the team even though he couldn't do much this preseason.  The big question is whether Lance Dunbar or Jamize Olawale can do enough to stick around.  I've already said how much I like the power of Olawale but, as with most of the guys in this game, it will come down to whether he can help on special teams.  Dunbar looks like he can be explosive but he doesn't bring a dimension to the running game that the Cowboys don't already have.

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