Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not Feeling Good About the Ravens Game

I don't do this very often.  I'm picking the Cowboys to lose this week.  I consider myself to be a glass half full kind of guy.  But after watching the Cowboys disgusting display of football last Monday night against the Bears I can't find any reasonable way to see the Cowboys winning on Sunday.

The cards are stacked against the Cowboys.  The Ravens haven't just been good at home.  They have been great.  The Ravens are known for having a tough defense.  The Cowboys offense has been horrible since their week 1 win against the Giants.  Like I said, it doesn't look good.

I do think the Cowboys will be better than they were against the Bears.  I can't imagine a repeat performance by the offensive line, Dez Bryant, Kevin Ogletree and Tony Romo anything like the one we saw.  I think they will all play better.  Unfortunately, improvement on a terrible performance really isn't saying much at all.

The Cowboys don't need to play better to win this game.  They need to play great.  I can envision the defense putting up a great performance.  I just don't see it with the offense.  What the Cowboys really need is a boost from the return game and maybe a defensive score or two.  Could that happen?  Sure.  Is there a good chance of it happening?  Probably not.

I don't want to sound like I have turned on my team.  I'll be a Cowboys fan until the day I die.  But I have to look at this game realistically.  The Ravens are simply a better team than the Cowboys right now.  I really hope that the Cowboys prove me wrong. 

I'm picking the Ravens to win the game 23-16.  I think the x-factor for the Ravens will be Ray Rice.  Not Ray Rice running the ball but Ray Rice catching dump off passes out of the back field.  I think Romo will be better but I fear that he might play it a little safe after the disaster game against the Bears. 


  1. Sorry boss man. Thought you had gone off the deep end after the last loss. Kind of put a nail in the coffin for the season. At this point our best case scenario is Romo doesn't get hurt.

    However what odds do you realistically give a guy with no offensive line of not getting injured? How many games can he possibly take of the brutal beat down he is going to get.

    I'm a fan as well. I just don't know what to say positive anymore. At best we can hope that we don't have another season like a couple seasons ago where we have a 6 game losing streak.


    P.S. NO one wants to blame Romo for the loss. But 5 interceptions just can't happen. If he does that again he might find himself on the wire. And not to mention.. if you were Tony Romo would you stick around and get pummeled another season for a team that continuously screws up any real chance at a play off.

  2. The bye week was needed for us fans too. Hope is a powerful thing, atleast we have hope until the kickoff and we will know more by mid 2nd quarter which way the game, and posssibly our season is heading. I want to say the Cowboys will win, however, I can't. We are just not a good team. The Ravens defense against our O-line will be brutal.Here is a thought on that; Ryan Cook is out, Costa is returning, I would not be surprised if his back tightens up again and he cannot play, if so, remember, Cook is out. Than what? That would be a disaster. I just do not see the Cowboys improving enough during a bye week to win. In response to your comment about the defense scoring or special teams scoring, when was the last time that happened? We do good to just get a turnover, and when we do, we never seem to score. Cowboys must not turn the ball over, be able to run the ball, the defense needs to create a game changing turnover and minimize the Ravens 3rd down conversions. Even in doing that, it will be tough for us to win. Playing better and keeping it close and losing a close game does not cut it either, this team should be beyond moral victories, those kinds of "wins" do not get you to the promised land. GO COWBOYS!

  3. Football is the game of uncertainty and you never know which team would be the winner. The game can be changed anytime. So you just wait and watch.

  4. I feel your pain, bro. And I know why you're feeling the way you're feeling. But I don't think the Week 1 win was a complete mirage. I don't think the simplifying the pre-snap will help Romo as much as it will help the receivers (I'm looking at you, Dez Bryant) and the offensive line. Unfortunately, and too my eternal consternation it seems year in and year out, the latter is at the core of my misgivings. The two weakest parts of the team are the offensive line and the defensive line. Those guards in particular need to step up big time or it's going to be a long, long day. But the defense has played well so far. Any defense will lose when the offense gives up five freaking turnovers (three of which I do not blame on Romo). Anyway, here's to you being wrong, my man.

  5. I have followed the Cowboys for 10 years now ever since I first arrived in Texas. I have to say not much has changed. You see flashes of brilliance followed by mediocrity. Jerry Jones wants to buy a championship with high profile players the problem being this is the NFL and not the MLB. The organization needs some serious structure and no involvement on Jerry's part. The only way that happens is if it hits Jerry the most where it matters (aka bottom line). As far as this season goes I do not see a lot of improvement from this point onwards. You never see a sense of urgency at any time during the game. The attitude seems to be so show up physically on Sunday..get paid... do the same till December and then enjoy a vacation...that has to change..

  6. I hate these "positive" losses. The losses that people feel good about because they give you hope that the team is playing better. I want them to win the games they have a chance to win. This is the same nonsense as last year. They should have won games and ended up losing. They played really well today, on the road, against a very good Ravens team. But like last year, they can't get the job done at the end. You have to hit the field goal. I don't care if it's 51. A kicker's job is to make those. Sorry, venting just real disappointed to be looking at this team with a 2-3 record. Luckily they should really feast on Carolina next week to even their record. Won't be enough to turn this ship around but hopefully it'll make me feel better.

  7. It's bull s*$@ to say that Jerry Jones is trying to buy a championship at this point. Our core players have been drafted and developed, not brought in. Lee, Ware, Carter, Ratliff, Romo, Witten, Bryant, Austin, Murray, Smith, etc. Make a new argument, that was true about 5 years ago- circa T.O.

    I HATE losing this game. But don't make any arguments about the cowboys this week because if Bailey hits the field goal, then all is well in Cowboy country and Romo is back on track. He did everything he could. So did the defense. If you want to blame someone, blame coach Joe D. The first 5 games of the season have been an absolute travesty. Other than that, an argument made this week is utter bull sh@#.

  8. It's BS to defend JJ on any point one way or another. He needs to be villainized beyond the point of recognition. In an interview he said 'Should I hire a General Manager? You know alot of people say that but we make money every year so why would I? We are still America's team and as long as I'm making money and I enjoy doing this why would I ever stop?'

    He should be shunned! the crooooook..

    Not that it is here nor there. Cowboys lost another pathetic game. You can blame the kicker for missing a 51 yard field goal. but he is one of the best in the NFL and it happens. He has saved so many games I refuse to let anyone say anything against him. The Offense shouldn't have scored a touchdown on the first drive like it was a walk in the park. Then waited until the 4th quarter to stage a comeback.

    So many other problems than our statistically phenomenal kicker. Rewind 3 years and you had a kicker to complain about.

    Just saying,

  9. I wish the kicker could've made the kick. Kicker on the Cardinals nailed a 61 yarder to send the game to overtime. Kicker on the Falcons hit from 55 to win the game. But this is how things go for the Cowboys. When they have a chance for a season-turning game, they come up short. Dez has to take a lot of the blame today. Three drops including the two-point conversion that hit him in the numbers. That ball has to be caught. Next week they'll be 3-3 and still only a game out of first. Things are bad but all is not lost yet.