Sunday, November 11, 2012

Now or Never

I'm still here.  It has been a long time since I have posted.  But please don't think that I have given up on my team or jumped ship to a new team.  I have been a fan for my entire life and I'll always be a fan.  But I do have to admit this season has been tough up to this point.  That isn't why my posts have decreased though.  I have a lot going on right now so my blog had to take a back seat to other priorities.  I can't promise to post as often as I have in the past, but I'm still here.

The game today is a do or die for both teams.  And that is exactly what worries me.  Last season the Cowboys faced a do or die in week 17 and we saw what happened against the Giants.  All signs in this game point towards the Cowboys having a great shot to win the game.  But I'm willing to bet the Eagles feel the exact same way. 

The game could go either way.  It feels like a blow out type of game.  Either the Cowboys will get out early and turn the Eagles into a chaotic mess of finger pointing or the Eagles will get out early and do the same to the Cowboys.  It all depends on the start of the game.  The stadium in Philly will turn against their team if the Cowboys can force a few early turnovers and put some points on the board.  But the stadium will go crazy supporting their team if the Cowboys come out and play sloppy football early on and let the Eagles get the lead.

I wish I could say which Cowboys team will show up.  But, as we've seen this year, the Cowboys are a tough team to figure.  On one drive they can look unbeatable.  On the next drive they can be a disaster.  On one play they can look like the best team in the league.  The next play can be a circus of ridiculous mistakes.  I'm sure Jason Garrett is more frustrated by the inconsistency than any of us fans could ever be. 

It feels like this is it for the season.  The Cowboys can win and really get on a great roll in the second half of the season with an easy schedule.  Or they can lose and fall into the abyss of crappy NFL teams.  The Cowboys have the talent to pull out of this mess.  But so do the Eagles.  Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to picking a winner.  My heart says the Cowboys.  My head says flip a coin.  I'm not even going to pick this one.  I'm just going to hope that the season isn't already over after 9 games.


  1. Welcome back, you do a solid job with these articles. I agree with you, flip a coin. Win, and things can turn around for our Cowboys. Lose, and the season will be tanked. My concern is, the Eagles seem to always have our number. I would feel a little bit better if we had Murray healthy and playing. Cowboys defense needs 60 minutes of pressure and I would really like to see theCowboys getting a pick 6 early to set and keep the tone of the game our way.

  2. LOTS of penalties, but thanks to our special teams, our defense, and no turnovers we pulled it out! The schedule sure looks a little more favorable for us now. Go Cowboys! Eric F. p.s. ( Glad your back )

  3. How bout dem cowboys!! Dude i hope everything goes well for you in your private life, we all need a real fans perspective on the boys and not the pom pom waving that goes on at

  4. good to have you back ! lets go cowboys !