Monday, February 2, 2009

The Table Is Set for Next Year

Ever since the 2008 season ended in the 44-6 debacle against the Eagles the media onslaught against the Dallas Cowboys has been relentless. "Fans" are jumping off of the bandwagon in droves. ESPN discussed the Cowboys nearly as much as the Cardinals and the Steelers in the 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. The local Dallas media continues to feed the frenzy of the angry fans nearly every day.

I was really growing tired of the negativity for a while but a thought hit me today that changed my tune on the topic. Maybe this is exactly what this team needs. All offseason last year we heard about how great this team was and how they were going to win the Super Bowl. Now the so-called experts of the media are predicting the downfall of the team. I can only hope that the players are listening to all of this and filing it away in their memories to serve as motivation during their offseason preparation and next year's regular season.

How many ways can Tony Romo be slammed? He is supposedly a chronic loser, he has gone Hollywood, he is a choker, he isn't a leader, and on and on and on. I know if I were in Tony Romo's shoes I would do everything in my power to prove everyone wrong next year. It was easy when everyone wanted to tell him how good he was. Now the doubters are multiplying by the day. He can either step up and show that he is what I hope he is or he can make fools of those of us who still believe he can lead us to the promised land. Show us what you are made of, Tony!

Wade Phillips is under fire for letting the inmates run wild. Whether it is his own doing or whether Jerry Jones has undercut his authority it is time for Wade to step up and be the coach of this team. Demand more from your players. Don't accept the excuses and don't make excuses when players screw up. Wade, show us you can be the coach this team needs!

Jerry Jones is being attacked in every way imaginable. He is supposedly the primary reason that this team has underachieved. There are even "fans" out there starting anti-Jerry web sites. It is time to let Wade coach this team. It is time to listen to the people around you who you pay to advise you. You've assembled a team of incredible talent. Now get out of the way. Jerry, show us you can still do what it takes to restore the team to its rightful place as America's Team!

The entire roster is under attack for a lack of leadership, a lack of discipline, and basically for not being a team. It is time for the leaders to step up. Stop running your mouths to the media. Please! I am begging you. Take all of the negativity and turn it into the battle cry for next year. Prove the doubters wrong. There are a lot of them these days. Show us that all of the talent on this roster can actually come together for a singular cause. Show us you are the team that all of your fans know you can be!


  1. That is a well written. You took the words right out of my mouth. I have been a cowboys fan for 15 years and this season was one of the most disappointing seasons ever. The boys have the ammo to blow away the NFC, all they need is the right coordinates. That being said, they need the coaches to put them in their place and tell them to put the anger on the field, not off the field. I want the boys to embarrass the steelers in the Superbowl and show them why they are America's team.
    Efrain-Los Angeles, CA.

  2. That is a very good argument, not mention so optimistic that I nearly creamed my shorts ... but like I said, a good argument there.

    But it's just as likely they will have learned their lesson from last year and will block it all out, which would suck because the kind of crap they're getting now would motivate a corpse.

  3. Hate to piss in the punch, but the Cowboys will go into the 2009 season with the beleaguered Tony Romo at Quarterback. If the slippery-fingered signal caller isn't motivated by a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be great, a little criticism certainly won't light that fire.

    Bottom line... Romo doesn't have "it". In fact, he may be the biggest choke artist since John Van de Velde and/or Bill Buckner. He's a coward, a quitter, and the Cowboys will never win a playoff game with the divorcee-chasing QB at the helm.

  4. Agree, Romo doesn't care. He rather be Nick Lachey than Brett Favre. He'd rather scoop up John Mayer's thirds than win a Super Bowl. He'd rather go to Cabo than compete in a playoff game.

    He behaves like a 19 year-old, when in reality, he's nearly 30. At the same age, Troy Aikman had won three Super Bowls... this kid hasn't even won a playoff game. And he's found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. That Seattle Slip, his hands trembling under pressure, told me all I needed to know about this guy. Time to move on...

  5. i really wish all the "bandwagon" fans would shut up. either you're a fan or you aren't. that's fine, i don't care who you root for, but let's be sportsmanlike about this. i am a cowboys fan but you won't catch me on any other site badmouthing another team and you certainly won't hear me bellowing about how horrible this team is. everyone makes mistakes. of any one of you so called "fans" knew half as much as you claim to about the talent you would either be a coach, owner, trainer or player yourself. since your not, shut your pieholes. all this negativity is just pointless.