Friday, January 30, 2009

The Super Bowl is a Reminder of Disappointments

Preparing to watch this year's Super Bowl is, once again, very difficult. Last year it was watching the Super Bowl with the feeling that the Giants had stolen the spot the Cowboys should have had in the game. This year it just reminds me that the Cowboys were so close, yet so far away. The Arizona game essentially ruined the season due to the heartbreaking loss and the injuries we suffered in the game. The meltdown in Pittsburg started the turmoil and chaos that the team is still wrapped up in all these weeks later. Those two losses along with the Baltimore loss are what I can't seem to forget about this season.

I want to enjoy the game because there won't be meaningful NFL football for about 7 months after Sunday. I just don't know if I will be able to really get into the game with so many bad thoughts swirling in my head. Every sack of Ben Roethlisberger will be a reminder of the overtime broken pinky sack of Tony Romo. Every time Pittsburg is forced to punt I will be thinking about the Matt McBriar blocked punt. Every Arizona punt will make me think of Santonio Holmes returning a punt 35 yards in crunch time due to a misdirected kick. Every time the Pittsburg defense makes a play I will be thinking about the interception by Deshea Townsend returned for a touchdown. The list goes on and on.

The silver lining in all of this is that the Super Bowl is also a reminder of just how close the Cowboys really were this year. If we can get healthy and learn to eliminate some of the mental errors that plagued us all year long then maybe next year it will be the Cowboys preparing for the Super Bowl. Next year the Cowboys will be in this game if we can just...damn, here we go again with another offseason of ifs again.

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  1. If anyone still thinks that Tony Romo, the best quarterback never to win a playoff game, can compete at the level that Ben and Kurt did yesterday, it is time for a drug test.

    While both Super Bowl QB's thrived, and even picked up their games under pressure, Romo would have shit his trousers and/or dropped a simple hold under those circumstances. Then again that's moot... Romo would have cut out to Cabo weeks earlier, or would have thrown the season away in December because he wanted to spend the holidays with a divorced actress who allegedly cheated on her former husband with Bam from Jackass.

    Romo needs a life coach, a sports psychologist, and a fitness guru. The out-of-shape airhead gets one more year in Dallas, that's it. Better yet, send Romo to OZ for a heart, a brain, and some courage.