Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back to Reality - Cutler is a Chicago Bear

So the Cutler deal is finally done. He is now a Chicago Bear. Thank God it is over! This should finally put the talk about Cutler to Dallas to bed for good. The question now is whether the trade has any impact on the Dallas Cowboys now that it is official. I think there are a few indirect effects from the trade that the Cowboys will see in the upcoming season.

1. The opening game for Dallas which is widely reported to be the Cowboys at the Broncos just changed dramatically. The Broncos have a new coach, a new offense, and now a new quarterback facing the top sack defense from 2008. This definitely is an advantage to Dallas. It isn't a guarantee of victory, but I'm sure the coaches would prefer to face Orton or whoever the Broncos start rather than Jay Cutler.

2. Jason Campbell now has a beef with the Washington Redskins management. He is supposed to be the franchise quarterback but they were deep in negotiations with Denver to try to acquire Jay Cutler. You have to believe that the relationship between Campbell and the Redskins organization is going to be different from this point forward. It will be interesting to see how Campbell handles it. Jay Cutler decided he wanted to find a new team after going through the same treatment.

3. The NFC playoff landscape may have been altered by the trade. It would seem that the Bears are now a legitimate playoff contender now that they finally have a quarterback. I would expect them to at least fight for the division title with the improvements they should see on the offensive side of the ball.

To all of the people who were hoping to get Jay Cutler into a Cowboys uniform...welcome back to reality. Tony Romo is the franchise quarterback now and for many years to come. I hope when the season starts the fans who are bashing him can put their full support behind the team regardless of how they feel about Romo. I still believe he can lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl someday.

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