Monday, September 21, 2009

What Just Happened?

I really hate games like the one last night. Not only did the Cowboys shoot themselves in the foot time after time after time, but they still had the lead with the clock running down only to finish the game on the wrong end of the score. I had a hard time sleeping last night after watching that debacle unfold. The hardest pill to swallow is that not only did the Cowboys just hand the ball over to the Giants 4 times but every tipped ball seemed to magically float into the arms of the Giants players. The Cowboys played terrible and had absolutely no luck at all.

The number one rule in football is don't turn the ball over. Well, the Cowboys turned it over four times and didn't force any turnovers of their own. One of Romo's three interceptions was returned for a touchdown and another came late in the half at the Cowboys end of the field. They were basically free points for the Giants. The Felix Jones fumble was awful and should never happen. The last Romo interception was a key turning point in the game.

I really want to keep believing that Tony Romo can get it done but I don't think he has ever played worse than he did last night. The interception at the end of the third quarter was another one of those inexcusable plays that Romo was supposed to be working to eliminate. The Cowboys were driving for a score that could put them up by 7 or even 11 points and Romo pulled a Romo. It was basically a pop fly to the center fielder who was waiting for the deep ball. He was off target more times in that game than I have ever seen him. I don't know what was going on but he never pulled out of his funk. He has started games poorly before but he usually breaks out of it at some point during the game. Not last night. How did he not see that the Giants audibled out of their defense on his pick 6 play? I think everyone saw the Giants change their coverage except the one guy that needed to see it.

Can Orlando Scandrick play any worse? He was so bad tackling that I was embarrassed for him. It was like he made a few bad plays and then things snowballed on him to the point that he lost confidence in every facet of his game. I think the debate is over as far as the starting cornerbacks are concerned. Newman, Jenkins and Scandrick all had their bad plays but Scandrick was without a doubt the worst of the three. Newman started off badly but he at least played better as the game went on. Jenkins was hit and miss but at least he looked ok in some spots. I don't understand how three guys that are supposed to be so good can get beaten so badly by the Giants receivers. The Giants were max protecting so there were basically three or four routes to be covered each play by 6-7 defenders but the receivers looked like they were running free on every play.

I am now officially concerened about the pass rush. Wade Phillips can use the max protection by the Giants as his excuse, but Demarcus Ware has to beat the double team once in a while if he is truly our defensive MVP. Anthony Spencer only put pressure on Manning a couple of times from his side. It really frustrates me to no end when the opposing quarterback is standing in the pocket with no pressure play after play. The scary part about the pass rush is how the guys were so tired at the end of the game because there is basically no one to come in to give Ware or Spencer a breather during the game. The defense did shut down the run which appeared to be the key going into the game. I don't think anyone would have thought they would lose that game if they could keep Brandon Jacobs bottled up the way that they did.

Why are the Cowboys so bad at tackling? They may actually be worse this year than they were last year. That better change.

On the bright side, the running game for the Cowboys was phenomenal. It was almost as if the Giants made the choice to allow the Cowboys to run at will as long as they didn't get beaten by the pass. I guess the strategy worked because Romo could never get anything going to save his life. Felix Jones and Marion Barber both looked great and the offensive line deserves most of the credit. I hope Barber is ok after he went down on his big run in the 4th quarter. I wish Jason Garrett would have continued to run the ball when the Cowboys finally got the lead back in the 3rd quarter instead of calling the play action pass that Romo threw up for grabs.

The season is not a lost cause by any stretch. The doom and gloomers will be running rampant over the next week so it is going to be tough to get myself back in the right frame of mind but I'm sure I'll be ready by Monday. And imagine if the Cowboys can get it together and string together 3 straight wins going into the bye week. That is entirely possible with the upcoming schedule. I would have told you before the season started that I would take 4-1 going into the bye week. I am praying that Romo has his bad play out of his system because the Cowboys are only going as far as he takes them. If he doesn't step up and the defense doesn't improve we are going to be in for a long season. The Cowboys need to start winning the close games in the 4th quarter because they are developing a very bad habit of folding at the worst of times. I hope it isn't too late to break that habit.


  1. I agree totally. This is becoming a recurring problem with Romo and this team. I didn't expect to see December come in September. The defense has got to improve. Last night was pathetic.

  2. I want to kill myself. If there is a new head coach next year, he will start by finding his own quarterback. Romo makes great plays, but also makes some of the worst plays that could ever be imagined. I'm sure that if the Cowboys win their next 3 games, I'll have hope again. Do any of us really believe that will happen? This could season could actually be the low point, not the 44-6 beatdown last season.

  3. what bothers me the most about all the Romo hating is that people seem to forget it is only his 3rd full season as starter. every member of the media seems to have their lips firmly planted on the genitals of Tom Brady, Big Ben, Peyton Manning etc. and how long did it take these "great" quarterbacks to lead their team to playoff victories or more? i know it took manning 6 seasons. and people still talk about how great he is. Romo will get there. he's a top ten quarterback easily. he had an off night. the tackling in general sucked the most. can't be allowing teams to throw to whoever they want, whenever they want.

  4. We lost the game because A. Romo did what Romo does in BIG games and B. No Luck/Breaks whatsoever. Brett Farve is being asked to manage the games in Minn.....Can we ask the same of Tony ESPECIALLY when the running game is working!!!!! The D did good enough to win, hands down. The pass rush didnt sack but i pressured. The times when Wade decided not to pressure is what hurt. Eli is coming into his owe and u can't give him a lot of time. Scandrick didnt get beat for a Touchdown as a 2nd yr player.....Newman did as a 7th yr player!!!!!! Yeah i'm pissed. We rushed it down NY throat...We gave up NO sacks....AND lost! WOW how did that happen....OH TONY "3rd yr lets give another pass to" Romo. This may sound crazy but I think Kitna would have won that game.

    With all that being said I think a lost like this early doesn't hurt the team too bad...It give them something to think about. After all we have been through since winning the Super Bowl in 95 I don't think we are humble enough as a Cowboy Nation. I think we getting there but I felt too much pride and showboating as we opened up this new stadium and we think we better than every1 else but yet again can win BIG games. Remember it is about winning BIG GAMES and it takes that to get to the BIG GAME! OH 1 last thing, I lose my fantasy game by 2points. Guess Y............


  5. I feel everyones pain thank god for ambien or I would still be up. It was by far Romo's worst game as a pro. If you were at the game could you please tell me if anyone was open he had plenty of time the O-line was outstanding. Is Kyle Kosier that inportant we are so much better with him in there.

  6. Tony Romo couldn't hit the broad side of a barn in that game.

  7. I'm a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and I'm proud to say it... My whole family has been split down the line between Cowboys & Giants. Coincidentally, both my mom & dad are Comboys fans. Even if I had no connection to the Giants with my family, or if I wasn't from Dallas, I used to attend their games and next weekend I’m going to visit my friend to attend them. I’ve before compared tickets prices before from Ticketwood fo free.I can’t wait to be there!!

  8. I find it funny that in week one we can't stop the run and in week two we can't stop the pass. Our defensive coordinator really needs to look at his schemes for situations a lot more. I think the secondary looked bad because of bad defensive playcalling. If you only bring four guys then of course your pass rush looks bad, and if those four guys don't get there then it's all on the secondary. I though Scandrik and Jenkins held their own in that regard but Newman should have played better THE ENTIRE GAME, not just as the game gets closer to over.

    Let's face it: the jury is still out on Tony Romo being a franchise QB. He did go undrafted, and his play with two full years as a starter is inconsistent at best. Even in week one, with a career record in yards, he still threw up some questionable passes. This is his year and his time to show and prove. Hopefully this is the last of the worst of Tony Romo.

    All that said I think the boys will put Carolina in there place on Monday. The only quaterback more inconsistent than Romo since he took over has been Jake Delhomme.