Friday, September 4, 2009

What the Last Preseason Game Told Us

The preseason is finally over. There weren't many players on the field who are going to make significant contributions this season unless there is an injury or two. But we did get a final look at a few of the guys on the bubble in terms of roster spots. This was a hard game to watch. I found myself wondering during the first half if Wade Phillips told his players there was a game tonight. The second half was much more enjoyable. Here is how I thought the "bubble" guys fared.

Kevin Ogletree - There is no way the Cowboys don't keep this guy. Another TD and several impressive plays. I even noticed him getting down the field on kickoffs. It looked like he got hit just over his eye pretty hard on punt coverage but appears to be ok.

Isaiah Stanback - Things started badly. A mediocre kick return to start the game followed by a muffed ball on the next return attempt. Throw in the Ogletree touchdown on the opposite side of the field from him and it just was not good. I feel bad saying this but I don't even know if another team will pick him up if he is cut because he hasn't shown anything this preseason.

Cory Proctor - I have to admit that I am not a fan of this guy at all. I know they Cowboys love the fact that he can play backup at two positions, but he isn't a good backup at either spot so what is the point of keeping him? I will be disgusted if the Cowboys end up relying on him again this year.

Steve Octavien - All this guy does is put pressure on the quarterback...and return interceptions for touchdowns. I know he is undersized but he has a knack for getting to the quarterback. With the lack of depth at outside linebacker he has a real shot to make the team after he continued to play well in the last preseason game.

Victor Butler - He is going to make the final roster but I had to mention that he played pretty well. He put pressure on the quarterback and seemed to defend the run pretty well too.

Pat McQuistan - He has had more time to get it together than Stanback but he still isn't showing us much. He was beaten for a sack and was called for holding to negate a big run by Tashard Choice. The problem is that he might be the best available guy to keep to back up Marc Columbo.

Junior Siavii - I don't know about this guy. He made one nice stop, but the defense was very soft in the middle while he was in there for the most part. I won't be surprised if the Cowboys go for a cheap free agent pick up after roster cuts.

Mike Mickens - He won't and shouldn't make the team based on what we've seen from him. He might be a practice squad candidate but he is not ready to help the team this season. He has be burned more time than I can count this preseason.

Patrick Watkins - He was the player of the game. A blocked field goal, an interception returned for a touchdown, and several nice tackles including a big one on 4th and goal. He looked like a superstar out there. He earned his roster spot without a doubt.

Jesse Holley - He has no chance to make the team but at least he got to shine for one play. He picked up a punt off of a bad bounce and ran it back for a touchdown. I am happy for him and I hope he gets a chance either on the practice squad or on another team.

On a side note...I really like the new Wade Phillips. On a terrible pass interference penalty in the 3rd quarter Wade got very animated once again. He clearly screamed "what the hell?" and then muttered "you son of a bitch" towards the official. I can't believe he is actually showing some emotion. I like it a lot.


  1. I think Stanback probably lost his job. Ogletree is a way better choice. I was really impressed with Rudy Carpenter. Hasn't had much practice, but he looked very confident.

  2. Hey man, great job on the blog -- I read it frequently. I know it's a bad thing to get too excited by what you see in the preseason, but I like Ogletree and am looking forward to see him on the squad this year. I'm not sold on any of our other receivers, unfortunately (and Roy Williams as a #1 makes me a little uncomfortable). I think it might be a rough spot along with the secondary, who just got burned last season.

    I'm really sick of this team underachieving, and -- like every other Cowboys fan -- would love to see them a) win in December, under Romo b) make the playoffs and c) win a game. I'm tired of all the "choking" talk that this team gets, and would love nothing more than to see them to shove it in everyone's face.

    Do you think that they can meet the aforementioned objectives this year? I'm not sure how to feel about our chances in '09.

    Keep up the great work!


  3. I'm beginning to think that big name WR's are overrated. A good group of WR's is what I think works best! Ogletree is a good WR is the making. He left college early for a reason and thats because he knew that he was ready for the league! I'm so glad Romo don't have to have TO in his head every time he drops back to pass! -Atl_Cowboy

  4. Jonny...I think the secondary is improved over last season without question. I'm not sold that the receivers are going to make a bunch of big plays but a lot of the top teams win without dynamic receivers. I think the Cowboys will surprise some people this season.