Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Cowboys Need a Winning Streak

When is the last time you really felt that the Dallas Cowboys were on a roll? For me it was probably when they jumped out to a 3-0 start at the beginning of last season. That was actually the last time that the Cowboys won three games in a row. I think the Cowboys need to build some momentum to recreate the winning atmosphere that was around the team in 2007 when they went 13-3.

Winning is a habit just like losing games in the 4th quarter can become a habit. With the games coming up on the schedule a winning streak is no guarantee, but it is certainly possible. The only way to start a winning streak is to win them one game at a time. Kansas City provides possibly the best opponent in the NFL right now if you are looking to start a winning streak. The Cowboys usually beat the bad teams and struggle against the good teams. That should mean a win going into the bye.

If you look ahead on the schedule the Cowboys then have Atlanta at home and then Seattle at home. Atlanta will be a tough game but they are certainly beatable. Seattle is another one of those games that the Cowboys win since they are the better team going in. After that the schedule gets much tougher. At Philadelphia and at Green Bay are not easy games. If the Cowboys can't fix whatever is ailing them right now in the close games then they will struggle to beat Philly or Green Bay. So the winning streak needs to get going now so they can go into those games with a renewed confidence.

The task at hand is simple. Win one game. The Cowboys aren't good enough to look past any team right now. But winning one game could spark a streak that finally gets this year's team over the hump and gets them going again in all phases of the game. They have got to win this week.


  1. It will take more then a win this week to get this team going. I know this hard to handle but what would a loss do for this team ? How many cowboys dose it take to screw in a light bulb? None, they will just stumble around in the dark.

  2. I would have to side with romo2witten on this one mr. anonymous :). We started out the season already injured in terms of losing a leader on the team and losing our reciever with the most yards (though I do hate him.). So really we have already faced the toughest teams right now. ANd it was too early we needed some easy games in the beginning of the season to get the ball rolling.. However we just went straight to quick kick the crap out of the ball! But it was a bowling ball and we stubbed our toes. Next few games we can gradually ease into the rhythm and stabilize the team. Also Romo2witten will you please list our injuries right now.. i have no idea who is where and when they will be back.

  3. I have to give you credit WBF I love your optimism. But this team has lost some horrific games in the last 5 years. I can't buy in yet. They show me no signs that can win or play well on a consistent basis and a win on Sunday won't sell me on this team.