Sunday, October 11, 2009

Season Saved...At Least for Now

Wow! It sure was nice to be on the winning end of one of those last second finishes for a change. I know the Cowboys played terrible for most of the game with penalties and turnovers, but a loss would have been devastating. Imagine how bad the next two weeks would have been sitting on a loss to the Chiefs. Instead we get to replay the finish over and over and over. Sure, it was only the Chiefs but like I've been saying recently, winning is a habit. Winning close games is mandatory if you are going to be a good NFL team. Maybe this win can help the Cowboys regain their belief that they'll win the close games down the stretch.

What went right: Tony Romo played an excellent game no matter how you slice it. He was accurate all day long after playing horribly last week. Miles Austin was a freak. I was actually thinking that the Cowboys should consider benching Austin after his miscues last week, but he bounced back in a way that no one could have predicted. Jay Ratliff blocked a field goal late in the game that would have given the Chiefs a three point lead. Demarcus Ware finally got going in the sack department with two sacks of Matt Cassell. Keith Brooking has emerged as the vocal leader of the defense.

What went wrong: Were do I start? How about the penalties? Four offsides penalties on one drive. That is just ridiculous. And does Wade get fired up as things are crumbling around him? Of course not. He just stands there and mutters to himself instead of taking control of the situation. Wade is going to have to be gone after this season. Patrick Crayton should be moved to the #3 receiver after the play of Austin and his own terrible play. Crayton is a better slot receiver anyway. Crayton has been driving me crazy for years with the way he casually fields punts. It finally bit him today. The defense could have ended the game in regulation but allowed another late game drive. Newman could have ended it if he had been able to hold on to a near interception early in the drive.

The good news is that Roy Williams, Felix Jones, and probably Gerald Sensabaugh will be back after the bye week. But the Cowboys better clean up their act over the next few weeks or they aren't going anywhere this season. The win gives them a chance to regain some confidence and start to build a winning streak that could get them rolling. I know this was ugly but you have to take any win you can get. The only difference between this game and the Rams game last year was the fact that Tony Romo was there to save the day this time. Criticize him if you want, but the Cowboys will only go as far as he takes them.

One last thing. What if the Chiefs had gone for two at the end of the game? Do the Cowboys stop them? I don't even want to think about that scenario.


  1. two minute defense still needs some work i think. a win is a win however. Romo played well. hopefully they can keep this up. without the penalties/turnovers of course. on a side note, flozell adams: why not move him in to play guard? he's not as fast as he used to be so maybe playing guard he'd be able to do a bit more with his hands and not get flagged for holding. this would also place him closer to romo to hear the snap count better. just a thought.

  2. Miles Austin definately made up for that TD drop. Does this mean that Crayton will see less playing time? I mean with Felix Jones and Miles Austin in the lineup, a lot more big play ability.

    Is Barber ever going to be healthy? I guess I could say the same about Felix, but Barber just had nothing at the end of his runs. If Choice had taken over for Barber at the beginning of the 2nd half, the game would've changed sooner.

    This defense scares me. This makes the 3rd game that they have folded in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. Way too many penalties on the defense and too many on Flozell. He looked like a statue out there.

    Great bounce back game for Romo. I know it was against the Chiefs, but he didn't make mistakes. The fumbled snap seemed to be more on Gurode, but those things happen.

    Last point...we need to find someone else to return kicks and punts. Field position was terrible today mostly because of bad returns. What a game we will have in two weeks!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as far as the Cheifs going or two, my logic was what do they have to lose their seasons over anyway., thank god they didnt though and Miles Austin really stepped up this game.

  4. Thank God for the Chiefs we can't even line up right. It takes a guy from NJ to pull this one out. You got to be tuff to live here and pay our taxes.

  5. i was so praying that they would not go for 2. i am glad i didn't have to find out what would have happened.

  6. Romo 300+ no Ints! Ill take that and a win on anyday I don't care if it's the Raiders. Plus I think Tony realizes that Miles is a new toy! Im done with Crayton...his attitude is too mellow for me....he plays with no heart..I put him 5th on depth chart and with one foot out the door. Williams, Austin, Hurd, Olgetree, and then Crayton. Can we demote Wade to just run the defense next yr????? u think he will go for that being his age???? Dave Campo came back as a asst coach.....We need a firey coach. -Atl_Cowboy

  7. Hello cowboys anonymous. My name is WBF and I missed a game. :( I didn't get to watch Witten be awesome this week so i'm out for the comments.

    However given the post I like what I hear. I gave up on crayton in like game 2 whenever he just put one hand up to catch a ball. Like the most half assed attempt you've ever seen in your life. I think if you'll scroll back in my comments somewhere you'll see me rail on him :).

    Can't believed I missed a win. A close win. I thought the game was at 4 not 1. So my friends called me and it was too late :(.

    Go Cowboys. Next opponent to defeat.. vacation and down time. (I hope they work on getting their heads removed from eachothers buttocks.)