Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time to Be Greedy

The Cowboys have met every expectation I had for them heading into the season. I promised myself all along that I would be happy with just one playoff win. But now that the Cowboys have achieved that goal I find myself wanting more. I'm not saying that I'll think the season is a failure if they go up to Minnesota and lose, but I see how close the Cowboys are to the ultimate prize.

It isn't every season that a team has everything fall into place with injuries, players peaking at the right time and excellent team chemistry. Last season is a perfect example of what injuries and distractions can do to a team.

I watched a post-game interview by Joe DeCamillis today and he mentioned that the Cowboys need to be greedy at this point. And he is exactly right. There is no guarantee that this team will be back in this spot next season. The only guarantee is that they have a shot at the NFC championship game on Sunday. So the Cowboys have to lay it all on the line against the Vikings.

Look at the Giants 2007 team. Everything fell into place and they rode the tide of momentum into an improbable Super Bowl championship. But only two years later they finished out of the playoffs and their team is a mess.

I think the 2009 Dallas Cowboys are a more talented team than the 2007 Giants. But the situation is similar. The Cowboys got on a late season roll with stellar defense and a quarterback playing the best football of his career. The Cowboys have as good a chance as any team in the NFC to make the Super Bowl.

It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys respond to their situation. They have beaten back all of the demons that have plagued them for years and suddenly the pressure is off of them. Will they respond by playing their best football now that they have nothing to lose? Or will they morph back into the inconsistent team we saw early in the season?

My gut tells me that this is a special team and we are seeing the Cowboys finally emerge as a dominant force in the NFL. Does that mean a Super Bowl? It is very possible. But they need to make it happen now because you never know what will happen next season.

Either way, it is time to sit back and enjoy the moment. The Cowboys are finally back on the big stage and they have a shot at winning it all. No matter what happens on Sunday the season has been a success. But I would love too see them come out hungry and quiet any remaining naysayers.

I would never have predicted a visit to the NFC championship game this season, but they are only one good game away from a return to elite status in the NFL. It is time for the Cowboys to be greedy and take advantage of the golden opportunity in front of them.


  1. Great Article!! You said it, the Boys need to stay focused and not be satisfied with anything less than joining the Steelers with 6 Lombardy trophies!!!! I think we have a good shot in Minnesota if Romo and the O can score on the first possession and the defense can get a few stops early!!

    Go Boyzzzzz!

  2. The key will definately be stopping AP. I really wanna see how well the defense does against him, they haven't face a really good running game in a month or so. So excited about this game. We are so close.

  3. Ok I guess its ok for me to post again after Wittens malfunctions last game :). Look he's on time and on rhythm 99% of the time he gets 1 game where he fudges. He's still my boy.

    Greed? NEED. I NEEDZ IT. I NEEDZ IT TO QUENCH THE HUNGAR FOR REDEMPTIONZ. :). We need that bowl so Jerry Jones can eat his wheaties out of it every morning.

    I'll be the first to say it. Thanks Jerry Jones. Thanks coaching staff. Thanks Players. Thanks fellow fans. Without all of us. This couldn't and wouldn't happen :)

  4. I really feel that if we can go up and TCB up in Minnesota that we will be the NFC champs. It's clear that we know how to handle the Saints, and I think that we would match up very well against the Cardinals. GO BOYS!!

  5. The cool thing is if Dallas and the Cardinals both win this weekend then the NFC champiopnship game will be played in Dallas! That would be great!