Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Get Worked Up Over Dez Bryant

ESPN is trying to create some news by reporting that Dez Bryant will possibly visit the Cowboys on April 1. The April Fool's Day visit seems pretty ironic when you consider the odds of the Cowboys actually picking Bryant in the draft. There are so many factors stacked against the move that it would be highly unlikely at best that the Cowboys would have the chance to draft Bryant.

Most mock drafts are putting Dez Bryant in the top 15 picks. The Cowboys would really struggle to find the ammunition to move up into the top 15. They would probably have to give up multiple picks to even have a shot and it could even possibly take next year's first round pick to move up that high. Of course they could throw in a player like Martellus Bennett into the deal, but player trade value is usually at its lowest during the draft. And I highly doubt anyone wants to take on the deal of Roy Williams considering the astronomical amount of money he is due for the 2010 season (nearly $13 million).

And look at the Cowboys current depth chart at wide receiver. Miles Austin, Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, Sam Hurd, and Kevin Ogletree. That is a pretty strong set of receivers. You can argue that they need more help but I haven't given up on the natural talents and size of Roy Williams just yet. And Kevin Ogletree is going to make a strong push for a move up in the depth chart next season. It is really hard for me to see the need for another high maintenance, overpriced wide receiver. A speed receiver to provide a deep threat makes sense, but not a guy who would demand the ball like a high first round pick would.

You can let your imagination run wild if you want and try to envision the Cowboys with Miles Austin, Roy Williams, and Dez Bryant on the field. But that just isn't going to materialize barring a minor miracle. You can have too much of a good thing sometimes and I think wide receiver is a good example of that. There are only so many passes to go around in the offense and with your top two receivers, Miles Austin and Jason Witten, in the prime of their careers it is difficult to see how another top flight receiver will be able to flourish in the offense.

I think the Cowboys are covering their bases in the event that something strange happens on draft day and Dez Bryant falls to them at the end of the first round. And you can't fault them for that. But I won't be fooled into thinking that a standard pre-draft visit means anything. The thought of a guy as talented as Dez Bryant in a Cowboys uniform is pretty exciting but I just don't see how it would make any sense to sell the farm to get him. Especially when there are some real needs at other positions that need to be addressed.


  1. I'm gonna defend Roy Williams a little bit today. We don't need another WR this year. I agree that Roy is overpaid and isn't a number 1, but he has been a solid number 2 and can score TD's. He does need to work harder and not drop as many balls, but he isn't terrible. Now if someone wants to say we need to get rid of him because of his contract, then that's fair. But it won't help if we trade for another WR or draft one because they'll end up getting paid as well. With Austin, Williams and Crayton, it's a very good WR core. And to the people wanting Brandon Marshall, stop it. We've been down that road before, and it was a dead end.

  2. I totally agree. People who think we should dump him are being completely unrealistic. And he isn't terrible. I think he would have put up decent numbers if it weren't for the breakout of Miles Austin. Like I wrote a few weeks ago, my expectations are a little lower, but I still think Roy is a good player. The Cowboys just need to use him in a way that maximizes what he does best. 60 catches for 900 yards and 10-12 TD's would make me very happy. Roy should be a first down machine and a weapon in the red zone.

  3. Just looked at his stats last year. 36 rec, 596 yds, 7 TD's. He obviously needs more catches, but not a lot more. 50 catches would be great in an offense with Austin, Crayton and Witten. His TD's are right were they should be give or take a couple. It's only going to get better if he keeps working.

  4. I say if they get the chance, take dez bryant, if not stay where they are and maybe thet'll be able to get Earl Thomas.

  5. This is one of the deepest drafts in years and the Boys should not move up to draft anyone. At 27 we will find a skilled player of need. If Dez is there I think they will take him only due to a conspiracy theory I have. Other than that there are any numbers of players that will be able to strengthen us then.

  6. I hope that we can get either Earl Thomas or Dez in the first. but i wouldn't be upset if we can get a very good Offensive linemen either.