Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What We've Learned From OTA's

Dez Bryant is a phenomenally gifted wide receiver. If you've seen any of the practice highlights then you have undoubtedly seen some of the displays of great hands he has shown. Dez has done a good job handling the media so far. But he will always have to be on his toes because the media is doing everything in their power to turn him into a T.O. type of guy since they couldn't get Roy Williams to take the bait.

Roy Williams has realized that he better get it going or he is not only going to lose his job but he will also be run out of Dallas at the end of the season. He is working hard and saying all the right things but we won't really know if Roy has made the necessary changes until we see him produce in the games this fall.

Sean Lee is going to be a very good linebacker if his knees are healthy. He has the desire, intelligence, work ethic and natural ability to be a starter in the middle of the defense for the next decade. I love to hear how seriously he takes practice and how he strives to improve on every play. He is an exciting prospect.

Alan Ball will be the starter at free safety. The people holding out hope that the Cowboys will do something to address the position need to prepare to be disappointed. The coaches seem sold on him. He looked decent in his time last year. I have faith the coaches know what they are doing since their recent moves to cut veterans have paid off.

David Beuhler is still a work in progress but the kicking job is his to lose. The reports from the OTA practices are promising. Beuhler has been hitting his kicks but we won't really know if he can get it done until he has the pressure on him in a real game. He seems to have the mental makeup to handle the pressure but you really never can tell. Mike Vanderjagt was one of the cockiest players I have ever seen and he fell apart as the Cowboys kicker.

Patrick Crayton is not being smart. I understand his frustration with his position on the depth chart, but staying away from the team is going to accomplish nothing. If he would show up and work with the team he could at least have a chance to compete for playing time even if it is as the #4 receiver. By staying away he is giving the team a chance to practice without him and they just might realize that they can move forward without him on the roster this season. The Cowboys haven't shied away from cutting overpriced veterans over the last few years.

The Cowboys are going to keep the three man rotation going at running back. Jerry Jones commented recently that he thinks the rotation will remain unchanged but I have a hard time believing that Felix Jones won't get more touches this season. In my mind the best case scenario would involve more carries for Felix Jones and Tashard Choice. Barber can handle short yardage and playing the closer role in the 4th quarter.

We don't really get any good information about the offensive line from OTA's. The only thing we do know is that the left tackle job is Doug Free's to lose. Alex Barron will probably be the backup for both tackle spots unless Free embarrasses himself during training camp or in the preseason games.

Marcus Spears is a team player. You have to give the guy a lot of credit for handling his situation with class. He has started since his rookie year but somehow he is now getting paid less money this season than both of his backups. But instead of whining and moaning about it Spears is working hard to keep his job. He still might end up getting traded but he is handling things the right way. Basically he is taking the opposite approach from Patrick Crayton.

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  1. We will have the deepest receiving corps in the league if we can hold onto Crayton. Even deeper than New Orleans. I'm sensing some good things this year.