Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sometimes Injuries Can Be A Good Thing

It is never good to hear that players are going to be missing offseason workouts. It means that there is less time for the offense or defense to mesh as a unit. That would be a problem in most cases, but I think the relatively minor injuries the Cowboys are dealing with are actually going to help them in the long run.

Let's start with Orlando Scandrick. Scandrick broke the left index finger on his left hand last week and required surgery to insert a pin to help the finger heal. That means he can't get out there and practice with the defense until the start of training camp. But the Cowboys have a giant hole in the depth chart behind Scandrick. Now there will be a legitimite battle for the #4 cornerback spot because Scandrick's replacements will get plenty of first team reps. Most of the time the younger guys don't get to work with the starters. The coaches now get a real chance to evaluate the younger cornerbacks on the roster. Maybe they will find someone who can fill the role or maybe they will realize they need to go out and sign a free agent. The injury forces them to take a long, hard look at the #4 cornerback now instead of during training camp.

Keith Brooking had a minor clean out surgery on his knee and will miss a few weeks of OTA's while he recovers. Brooking is a veteran and probably could play the position with his eyes closed at this point in his career. So now Jason Williams and Sean Lee can get on the field with the first teamers to get some quality reps. Both guys get a chance to really learn the defense and start the battle that will probably be resolved in training camp.

Now obviously I don't want to continue to see guys getting hurt. But I don't think it hurts when a veteran guy like Bradie James misses a couple of days because it gives the younger guys more reps. As good as the Cowboys were last season they lacked depth at several positions. They got lucky with injuries but they can't count on that again this year. The younger guys need to be ready to step up when their number is called.

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