Monday, June 7, 2010

Cowboys Have Good Super Bowl Odds

It is certainly extremely early in the process but it is interesting to take a look at what the oddsmakers think of the Dallas Cowboys chances to regain Super Bowl glory. The Cowboys are currently ranked as anywhere from the 3rd to the 6th most likely team to win it all in the Super Bowl XLV depending on which betting line you consult. They are almost unanimously picked as the 2nd best NFC team behind the Saints. Yahoo! Sports has a list of the odds to win the Super Bowl for every NFL team.

Do these betting odds really mean anything? Not really. But they do offer a chance to cash in on the performance of the team if you are so inclined to spend your money in that way. I like to look at the NFL Odds as a reference point for setting realistic expectations for next season.

The flaws in the Cowboys roster have been discussed and analyzed in so much detail at this point that it almost feels like the Cowboys are hurting from a talent standpoint. But in reality, the Cowboys have one of the most talented rosters across the board in the entire NFL. Left tackle is still an unknown (but I like the multiple options on the roster) and safety falls in the same category. Kicker may or may not be an issue depending on the development of David Beuhler.

After that what can you complain about? The 4th cornerback on the roster? I'm not saying that the 4th cornerback isn't important but most teams have a lot more issues than Dallas. Even the mighty Saints have some serious holes to fill after the departures from their defense and the unknown health of Darren Sharper's knee.

As usual with the upcoming season the biggest factor in Cowboys chances will be on the injury front. Tony Romo and Demarcus Ware are irreplaceable. If either of those guys go down to injury you can probably cancel your Super Bowl plans. But I like the depth everywhere on the roster heading into the season. There are multiple options for depth at nearly every position. Of course if the injury bug of 2008 returns then it really doesn't matter how much depth is on the roster. You can have a few backups fill in but any team no matter how talented has to be a little bit lucky on the injury front to win the Super Bowl.

I like the makeup of the roster more than I did entering the 2007 season. And that year I decided to spend my $20 in gambling money on my trip to the casino on a bet for the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. Obviously I'm not a big gambler with a $20 limit but if I am going to bet it is going to be on my faith in my team. I like the Cowboys chances at this point. It is still early and a lot can change between now and September. But things are looking promising. Maybe I'll put my money where my mouth is and put another $20 on my team.

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