Friday, July 23, 2010

Everyone Signed for Camp

I'm sure ESPN is disappointed in the news out of Valley Ranch. The Cowboys have all of their 2010 draft picks signed before the start of camp. The media is waiting for Dez Bryant to slip up or give them a reason to slam him. I applaud the Cowboys, Dez and his agent for recognizing the importance of getting Dez to camp on time.

More important than shutting up the Dez Bryant naysayers is the message it sends to his teammates. Dez is ready to play football and he wants to get to work. He isn't trying to be a "diva" receiver before he has done anything at the NFL level. Dez needs all the practice reps he can get to prepare for the season and his signing insures that he can maximize his practice time.

On top of that, the Cowboys got Sean Lee signed as well. The Cowboys will have all of their rookies at camp from day 1. I love it. And I think it is a good sign for the upcoming season. The Cowboys appear to have added players that are ready to play football and aren't going to hold out for ridiculous money at the expense of their rookie year.

Now we just have to hope that this year's crop of rookies can survive training camp. We can't forget the rash of injuries that occurred last year in training camp. Rookie after rookie went down with injury until the depth at some key positions was completely eroded. I have to believe the Cowboys will have better luck on the injury front with the rookies this year. But I'll keep my fingers crossed and knock on some wood just to be safe.

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