Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Quietest Offseason in a Long Time

There hasn't been a lot to talk about lately. I can't remember the last time I was honestly at a loss for topics to discuss about the Dallas Cowboys. Recent offseasons have been filled with endless drama. Whether it was T.O. coming or going, Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, Greg Ellis whining or any other big story it seemed like the stream of news from Valley Ranch was endless. Until this year.

Sure, there has been a little controversy this offseason. Flozell Adams was cut by the Cowboys and the move has been endlessly debated by fans and the Dallas media for months now. And Ken Hamlin was also cut but I don't think that caused much concern for most people. Alan Ball and David Beuhler have been discussed and debated to the point of boredom.

Marty B. tried to spice things up over the holiday weekend. He concocted and filmed another video that I'm sure he thought was hilarious and entertaining. This time he dressed up as Osama bin Laden and performed a horrible rap. You would think that would be big news but I think everyone is numb to his childish antics at this point. His video only lasted a few hours on the internet before it was mysteriously removed. Something tells me he will be paying another fine to the team for his ignorance and immaturity.

Miles Austin is making some waves with his dating life, but does that really mean anything to me? Probably not. As long as he isn't going Hollywood or getting the idea that he is bigger than the team then I really couldn't care less who he is dating. Same goes for Tony Romo or any other player on the roster.

So what do we do to fill the time before training camp? I have found myself taking a break from the team for a few weeks for the first time in years. I didn't check the news for a few days and when I finally did I realized that absolutely nothing had transpired. What a concept. A real offseason from the Dallas Cowboys. It was nice for a few weeks but now I am getting antsy for training camp to start. A break is nice but I'm excited for the season to officially start with training camp in a few weeks.

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  1. Good to see you back in action.

    I too am getting antsy. I am ready for another great year from our Cowboys!

    I have more faith in this team this year than I had most of the first decade of this Century. Romo gets better each year, and it seems that we have lost 97% of the drama that usually plaques us.

    If we can keep Felix and Witten involved we will be very hard to beat. Especially since Wade has molded our D into an unstoppable force.

    Go Boys!