Saturday, August 28, 2010

Observations from the Texans Game

The first team offense is really hurting along the offensive line. I expected more out of Holland and Barron than I saw in the game. I'm officially concerned about the offensive line depth.

The defense needs Marcus Spears. After all the news that was made this offseason about the contracts that were offered to Spears, Stephen Bowen, and Jason Hatcher it has become apparent that the run defense misses him. Spears should be back for the season opener so hopefully it will help improve the run defense. I think Spears has gained a lot of value by missing a few games and exposing what the defense is without him.

I know the score in preseason games doesn't mean anything but it is amazing to me that the Cowboys couldn't flip the switch when things were going bad in the game. I kept thinking the defense would get fired up and make a play but they never really did. I kept thinking the starting offense would find a new gear and put the ball in the endzone but it never happened.

The only thing I can find as a positive about the game was the play of Roy Williams. He looked really good for the first time in a long time.

The first team offense did move the ball up and down the field after their slow start. But they were still plagued by false starts, fumbles, interceptions...just think of a team mailing it in and that is what it looked like for the most part. They were just so sloppy it is hard to picture them turning it all around in the next two weeks.

Mercifully, Jon Kitna was able to hit Kevin Ogletree on a long touchdown pass to help the Cowboys avoid the goose egg on the scoreboard. Ogletree looked a lot better out there tonight.

Buehler didn't get any attempts for the second straight game. There was an opportunity late in the game for the Cowboys to give him a shot at a 47 yarder but the coaches chose to go for it on 4th down instead. I hope Buehler gets some more field goal attempts next week because he needs more work.

I'm keeping my comments short because I see no use in piling on about the poor play of the Cowboys. There will be plenty of that coming from the media. I hope the team finds a way to flip the switch over the next two weeks.

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  1. Maybe they needed more of a break than they got. From what I saw of the game, the defense just looked tired to me the whole game. As far as the offense, I'm at a loss. I'd like to say the same thing for them, that they need a little more rest. But wow. Oh, I just had a thought. What if they are playing sloppy on purpose? Because they know the preseason doesn't really count? And if they play poorly, the media starts the doom and gloom and doesn't praise them etc. A weird thought I know.