Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Loss

I'm shocked that the Cowboys now find themselves in an 0-2 hole. I had no doubt in my mind that the Cowboys would come out and dominate the Bears. But the didn't and they found news ways to lose a game this week. Turnovers and missed field goals destroyed any chance at winning the game.

Tony Romo had decent stats for the game but he was a little off all day long. The offensive line did a great job giving him time to throw but several of his passes were just a little off target. He didn't play horribly but his passes that were a little off came in big moments. Both passes that were tipped for interceptions came on balls where Romo missed his target by a few feet. And the ball on the play right before the missed Buehler field goal missed Tashard Choice down the sideline for a probable first down.

But Tony Romo didn't lose the game all by himself. The defense was not very good. They started out on fire and were hitting Cutler so hard and so often I didn't think he would finish the game. But then everything changed and they suddenly couldn't get pressure any more. Part of it was the fact that Cutler beat the defense on a few blitzes in a row and Wade Phillips backed off on the blitz calls from that point forward.

And David Buehler had a shot to tie the game up in the 4th quarter with a 44 yard field goal but he pulled it left. I think it is fair to question whether the Cowboys need to find a new kicker. If the coaches have to change the way they call the game because they don't trust the kicker then a change needs to be made. I think we have reached that point.

0-2 is horrible but I'm not jumping ship. I know this is a talented team. The Cowboys just don't seem to have any continuity on either side of the ball right now. The offense can't get the ball into the end zone nearly enough and the defense still has not forced a turnover this season. And obviously the special teams needs work despite the great return by Dez Bryant.

Next week is a pivotal moment for this team. If they win heading into the bye I can see the team regrouping and getting back into position to win their division and make a playoff run. If they lose I think they might dig a hole so deep they can't get out of it without an unprecedented turnaround. The Cowboys have to beat the Texans. They have the talent but they have to put it all together before it is too late.

**On a side note, I know Jason Witten probably did have a concussion in the 4th quarter. But I love how badly he wanted to get back in the game to help his team. If more players on the team had his desire the Cowboys wouldn't be 0-2 right now.


  1. I just don't understand how a team can dominate every stat in the game and yet not the most important one.(the scoreboard).

  2. I wish the coaches had Wittens heart and desire. I'm starting to believe that "nice coaches" finish last.

  3. @ justin
    Did you see the first weeks game (colts vs texans) Manning dominated everything and still lost.. Its not uncommon..
    Now back on topic.. I've never given up on my cowboys I still believe we can start winning and pull it together for a playoff/superbowl run.. Come on Cowboys