Thursday, September 23, 2010

How the Cowboys Can Win the "Superbowl" in Houston

Doesn't this game have the same feeling as the Saints game late last season? The Texans are riding high and their offense seems unstoppable. The Cowboys are in disarray and don't seem to stand much of a chance based on their performance in the first two weeks of the season. And you know the Houston crowd is going to be in a complete frenzy from the opening kickoff until the clock hits triple zero at the end of the game.

Let's be honest. The Cowboys really do have the odds stacked against them this week. They are on the road. Their offense can't score points. The kicker can't make field goals. And the defense hasn't forced a turnover all season.

But somehow I find myself convinced the Cowboys are going to win. And it has nothing to do with the Houston Texans. I really don't care who the opponent is this week. The Cowboys are too talented to be 0-3.

They have made a fool of me in the first two games. I really thought they would find a way to beat the Redskins despite the injuries on the offensive line. And I couldn't picture the Bears flat out beating the Cowboys in every phase of the game like they did last week.

I hope I'm not fooling myself again. I just think there is too much on the line for the Cowboys to lay another egg this week. The Texans might feel like they have a big game on their hands. But the Cowboys in a lot of ways have their season on the line. Can you imagine what the bye week is going to be like if the Cowboys can't find a way to win this game?

The Texans have an explosive offense. The Cowboys will have to come out firing on offense if they expect to win the game. But on the flip side, the Texans defense will let you move the ball. So I expect the game to be fairly high scoring.

Again, think of the Saints game last season. The Cowboys knew they needed to put points on the board and they came out firing on offense instead of easing into the game like usual. I think we'll see the same thing this week. The Cowboys have to come out fast or the crowd will get so loud it might be a rerun of the Metrodome last season.

I think the Cowboys will come out fast. And I think the defense is good enough to keep the scoring of the Texans down to a reasonable level. By no means to I think the Cowboys are going to dominate this game. The Texans are a very good team this year. But the Cowboys are desperate and they play better when their backs are against the wall. I know it sounds a little crazy but I think the Cowboys will win this game 31-27.


  1. I agree with the Saint game feel. I have a good feeling also the problem is I felt he same way last week. We have to get a turnover I mean at least one PLEASE. we are due. Do you remenber the eagle game a couple of years ago when Parcells was coaching and they came out with a onsides kick and we returned it for a TD That's what we need a big play right away

  2. I had the same mutual feelings that the cowboys were not an 0-3 team and a fellow redskin fan felt indifferent to my observation. HIs arrogance radiated to the point were i put up a wagger. Needless to say he quickly paid up with 5 min to go. Only regret is that i should have gone double or nothing on the rams.