Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cowboys Can't Be This Bad

I think I am starting to live in denial. The Cowboys found a way to lose another winnable game against the Vikings. But I still can't believe my eyes. And I still can't give up on the Cowboys this season.

There is no getting around the fact that the Cowboys are 1-4. They have shown that they play sloppy football. The Cowboys commit too many penalties, they turn the ball over too much and they have terrible special teams. They haven't shown anything outside of the game against the Houston Texans that would show they are a decent team.

But 1-4 bad? That is just ridiculous. This isn't the Quincy Carter led version of the team from 2005. The Cowboys have a good quarterback no matter what some of the "fans" who have jumped ship will tell you. The Cowboys have a good defense. The Cowboys have great receivers. And they have three good running backs. Admittedly the kicker is terrible. But that shouldn't make a team go from 11-5 to cellar dwellers in one offseason.

Things just don't make sense here. It might be too late for the Cowboys to turn this season around. But they do still have a chance even with a 1-4 record. If the penalties can be cut down and the kickoff coverage can be improved that would probably be enough to turn the close losses into victories. And if the turnovers can be minimized on top of that we would see a team that could beat anyone.

There is no indication that anything will change from this point forward. But I know this team is better than 1-4 and they are better than a 5-11 or 6-10 team like the teams we lived through in the early 2000's. There is no way the Cowboys have gone from winning 9, 13, 9, and 11 games over the last four seasons with the same core group of players to an absolutely horrible team.

That said, I have zero confidence that the Cowboys are going to beat the Giants on Monday night. But this team does have a history of playing its best football when its backs are against the wall. Well, the Cowboys will have their backs against the wall for the rest of the season. I can only hope in the face of the evidence telling me I'm wrong that the Cowboys will find a way to get it done in the last 11 games.

One thing I will tell you is I will never give up on my team. I'm probably living in denial thinking this team will turn it around. But what fun is it to give up on the season only 5 games into the season. It is certainly your right if you decide to give up on the season. But if the Cowboys miraculously turn it around I don't want to hear that those people that they are the biggest fans in the world and they have been here all along. I'm taking notes on all the "fans" around me who are jumping ship. Because I want to remember either this season or next season or ten years from now who the real fans are.


  1. I will NEVER stop rooting for the boys. I am frustrated with the team tho. The crap we get for rooting for a team that was supposed to be a "championship team"...and i think they have the players to be that team...they just cant keep doing what there doing. Something needs to change and change quick. Lets hope we can make the wild card and grind it out through out the playoffs!

  2. I honestly think we will beat the Giants. It is a division game and we always play them tough. The giants barely beat the Lions and we have been in every game this season. After the Giants we can beat Jacksonville and head to Lambeau for a chance to even up at 4-4. We are a play away in each game from being 5 and 0. They just need to finish the games, and stop shooting themselves in the foot with dumb horribly timed penalties.

  3. The season is over start your holiday shopping. This team gives you no reason to think they can turn it around. I have been a cowboy fan for 45 years and I have never seen a team like this. They are very hard to watch. I need to think about my personal health. They are a danger to me and every cowboy fan. We all might drop dead watching cowboy games

  4. Its not jumping ship once the ship is sunk. Its 'Well if you can't at minimum not leapfrog eachother in the endzone or spike the ball. Or commit O pass interference for no reason. Well then your not worth my time watching.'

    Still a fan love the boys. Once some accountability is back then i'll start watching again. Until then we move on to boycotting them. Since obviously the only thing they care about is having fun and making money. Once they play serious football and get back in the game i'll be back.

    Also I have learned to hate wade phillips. I think an announcer said it right 'Bobblehead'.

    Do a write up on how many games they would have to win against who and how many times the eagles, NYG and redskins will have to lose for us to get a wildcard.

  5. Just got to say.. I've been visiting this site a lot recently.. Mostly because I'm one of the few True fans left that will always be cheering for the team win, lose, or draw.. I like whats said on here most the time.. Especially when it really is "defending the star" but almost as quickly as its said it turns back into something borderline of "this season is over.. they will lose this game maybe the next" I'm not saying lose all hope.. Yes we are 1-4 but its not like we are in the same boat with other 1-4 teams.. This Cowboy team can do amazing things.. Just fix some of the penalties and almost instantly we win a lot of these games.. Come on Cowboys!! I'm not giving up yet..

  6. Well, considering everything, I feel as if the cowboys have vastly improved from last season. How So? Well last season against the Vikings we were destroyed 34-3. This year, Dallas pushed the Vikes all up and down the feild. 0 sacks and I think 1 or 2 less turnovers. It takes an improved team to beat the vikings like the Jets and even the Saints. The Vikes are a Great team and for us to close a gap of 34-3 to 24-21 in one season is amazeing to me. I think we will beat the Giants on Monday. They have faced teams with not so good defenses or even good front 7's. Look at what the titans did to them and our front 7 is better than the titans. We will beat the Giants and then Jacksonville. The Packers is a streach but if the Bears and the Redskins can beat them so can Dallas. Dallas has the players to win the rest of the Games this year. Coming into the season I thought the hardest game to play were going to be the first 5, they were. Dallas will come back, I can just feel it. Most 1-4 teams are just not that talented but dallas is loaded with talent. Stick with the cowboys I know I will even if they don't pull through.

  7. Hang in there everyone. You might miss one of the greatest turnarounds in NFL history if you give up on the team now. It seems crazy but a 9-2 finish is very possible if the Cowboys find a way to reduce their penalties and turnovers.

  8. They haven't exactly been blown out of any of the games this year. They have been in position to win all of the games they have played. Somethings just aren't going their way for some reason. Sure they are committing alot of penalties, but can you honestly say that you don't think the refs are being nit picking with them? That said, they need to play alot cleaner football so there is no question on the flags. The Cowboys are dominating every aspect of the game except the final score.

  9. i hope theres some players that look at sites like these...where only ture fans post comments. Anyone can just get on ESPN, facebook, D.c. .com, true blue, etc. but this site is only found by the fans who know they will never leave the team. But if players were to see that not everyone has given up hope..maybe that would make them play for us, the fans, and not the money.

  10. "I guess we think we're a better 1-4 team than some teams that are 1-4," Phillips said. "I mean mentally. They don't think they might not win the next game. Gosh, we might not win this next one. This team thinks ...I still think they think ...they're going to win this next game. Now, we've got work to do."

    DING DING DING we have a winner folks.

    Romo2witten you said it is still possible for a 9-2 season. Sorry rechecking math. 7-4. Which means we might get wildcarded in if the eagles and the giants both break down at some point and start losing more. Not that it is impossible. But it is literally a 3% chance. But before we get into this too far lets wait to see who comes out in NYG game.

    I'm just trying to be realistic lest we end up looking like the freaking raiders. We have big big problems right now. and I don't think that they are getting addressed. I think we drafted horribly this year and wounded ourselves because of that. I think the Coaches need to crack down on shenanigans.

    Ask yourself this why is it the cowboys are still #1 in the news while being dead last in the standings? Its a circus right now. Media loves watching team destroy themselves. That is what the cowboys are doing. No one is beating them they are beating themselves. And without the Coach or JJ in there saying 'Look you gotta get yourself together.' I just don't see it happening.

    Currently what we hear from Coaches and JJ is 'We are not a 1-4 team.' Well unfortunately this year yes we are. And not only that we are making a spectacle of ourselves while doing it. Every week cowboys are having to defend themselves against the media because of the target they paint on their back.


  11. I will always be a Cowboy fan and Im not jumping ship but if they loose monday night its over.They already lost 2 home games and that is why they must make a statement monday night at home againt a division rival.It kills me now to watch the games and waiting for a damn flag to show up anytime we do anything positive.Yes there has been a couple of lousy calls against them and some non calls but you have to overcome.Like John Madden stated on NFL radio today yes they are a high rated Offense and defense but they are not making plays when it matters.I think unless some how they turn it around and get deep into the playoffs(NFC Championship game mininum) The Wade Phillips /Jason Garret era is over.We need a Jimmy Johnson /Bill parcells type coach who the players fear and respond to becuse you know this undisiplined style of play would not be tolorated with them.I just dont see cowher putting up with Jerry so I would say John Gruden would be the logical choice.

  12. Count me as one who will never give up also. 3 straight championship game losses and a 1-15 season and I still bleed silver and blue!