Monday, October 11, 2010

The Cowboys Should Be Embarrassed

This is getting ridiculous. How in the world can the Cowboys continue to be so sloppy in every phase of the game? Too many penalties, mental errors, dropped passes, turnovers, missed tackles and on and on. It is quite honestly hard to watch the Cowboys play right now.

They'll make plays that will get you excited. They'll make plays that will have you believing they could be the best team in the NFL. But for every one of those good plays there are two bad plays that erase the gains made. I know all of the fans are sick of it. I think the players are tired of it. But I don't get the sense that Wade Phillips completely grasps the enormity of the problem.

At this point I'm not going to just start pointing fingers and say any one person or player is the root of the problem. But I do think it is appropriate to identify the problems with the team. As I just mentioned, I think the passive approach of the head coach is one of the major issues.

Alan Ball is hurting the team on defense. Ken Hamlin may not have made any plays on the ball in the passing game, but the defense rarely gave up a long pass when he was back there. The deep ball has become a major problem this season. The only change in the secondary is Alan Ball so it is pretty clear that he is at least part of the problem.

Mike Jenkins has not been very good this season. Jenkins was absolutely terrible against the Titans but he has struggled all year long.

The offensive line is wildly inconsistent. There have been good games and bad games for the offensive line. The Titans game was good and bad all in one game. The first quarter of the game was a complete joke. And the funny thing to me is how I got to listen to fans at the game complain about Romo in the first quarter when he spent more time on his back than he did upright. Romo is only going to be as good as the line allows him to be.

The penalties are completely embarrassing. I don't understand how the Cowboys can consistently commit so many penalties. And what is more irritating is the way Wade Phillips responds to the penalties. He very rarely even seems annoyed or bothered in the least bit by the endless penalties. And today he didn't seem concerned at all when asked about the number of penalties in the game. The players aren't going to worry about penalties if the coach doesn't either.

The stadium atmosphere in Cowboys Stadium is part of the problem as well. It honestly feels like a three ring circus in that place during the game. There is so much going on that it makes it hard to concentrate on the actual game play. I'm sure all of the extra stuff going on around the game isn't helping the team focus. I realize the Titans are dealing with the same thing but it isn't their faces that are flashing up on the giant screen during the game.

The bottom line at this point is that the Cowboys are what they are. Their record says they are 1-3. And they feel like a 1-3 team. I'm certainly not saying they can't turn it around, but until the Cowboys go out and show they can play with fewer mistakes and penalties on a regular basis I won't have high expectations. I just hope the players and coaches are as upset by what is going on as all of the fans are.


  1. Its just down right bad football. I think the players should take more of the blame then anything. They are Professinal athletes and adults at that matter. The players play for money not the game nowadays. If the players wanted to win...they would do everything possible to win...but they dont.They just want there 6 to 8 figure check and could care less to win.

  2. I'm really going with the coaches and owner on this one. They wanted to show how good Felix Jones was. Well there is a problem. He really is not that good. Marion Barber and the Passing game is where it is at for us.

    Felix has his uses like the outside run. He is fairly decent at it. But to run 2 back to back plays that are him up the middle for no game is absolutely rediculous.

    Coaches never even get excited. The most we get out of Wade is a smile if we win. If everything goes bad he just stands there with this absolutely stupid look on his face.

    Jerry Jones really needs a wake up call. Since he has been calling the shots the Cowboys have had 1 playoff game. And this year we will have none.

    I absolutely love the cowboys and defend the star. But in this case there is nothing to defend.

  3. To me this season has just been history repeating itself. The Cowboys had an incredible season in 2007. 13-3 finish, top seed in the NFC and an embarassing loss to the giants to get knocked out of the playoffs. The 2008 season started with all kinds of hype surrounding this team. They were expected to compete for the superbowl, and the players bought into the hype. It appeared that they thought all they needed to do was show up to win. of course that season as we know was a complete failure. Then last season they buckled down and got back to business and had another great year. NFC east championship, and their first playoff win in years. Then this year they were once again thought to be a favorite to go to the superbowl and it looks like they bought into all of the off season hype about themselves once again. It's like they expect their opponents to lay down for them, and that isn't happening. They need to focus on executing their plays properly, kill the penalties and turnovers, and they may be able to salvage the season. Right now they are a joke, and it really hurts me to say that.