Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Impossible Turnaround Scenario

As far as the "experts" on ESPN and the NFL Network are concerned the Cowboys might as well forfeit the rest of the games on their schedule because they have no chance to turn their season around. It seems like the majority of people who call themselves Cowboys fans are so discouraged by what they have seen from the Cowboys that they are giving up on the season as well.

But all hope is not lost yet. I keep saying this and I'll keep saying it. The Cowboys do have the ability to turn the season around...even at 1-4.

I have laid out a scenario here where not only do the Cowboys find a way to qualify for the playoffs but also still find a way to win the NFC East. Obviously this is completely based on my blind faith that the team will find a way to reduce their ill-timed and numerous penalties, reduce turnovers, and revamp their kickoff coverage.

Cowboys vs. Giants (Monday, October 25): If things are going to turn around it has to start with this game. The Cowboys and Giants have gone back and forth over the last 5 years so there is no reason to believe the Cowboys can't win this game. I think they squeak this one out to keep their slim chance alive. Result - Win (Record 2-4)

Cowboys vs. Jaguars (Sunday, October 31): The Cowboys can't afford to lose winnable games left on the schedule like this one. They will win handily but no one will notice because beating Jacksonville should be the expected outcome. Result - Win (Record 3-4)

Cowboys @ Packers (Sunday, November 7): If the Cowboys can win this game they will really have the start of something. The Packers have been devastated by injuries on both sides of the ball so this game is not as tough as you might initially believe. I think the Cowboys win this one to pull to .500 at the midway point of the season. Result - Win (Record 4-4)

Cowboys @ Giants (Sunday, November 14): The Cowboys are starting to play with a little swagger again at this point. They will need it because beating the Giants at their stadium won't be easy. I think the Cowboys pull the upset to sweep the Giants for the season. Result - Win (Record 5-4)

Cowboys vs. Lions (Sunday, November 21): Another game the Cowboys have to win to complete their improbable turnaround. The Cowboys win but not as easily as they should. But with their 5th straight victory fans are starting to jump back on the bandwagon. Result - Win (Record 6-4)

Cowboys vs. Saints (Thursday, November 25): This is a tough one for the Cowboys. But last season proved that the Cowboys match up well with the high powered Saints offense. I think the Cowboys pull this one out as well and now the train is really rolling. Result - Win (Record 7-4)

Cowboys @ Colts (Sunday, December 5): This is where the streak comes to an end. The Cowboys come into the game on a six game winning streak but Peyton Manning and the crowd noise take down the Cowboys. Result - Loss (Record 7-5)

Cowboys vs. Eagles (Sunday, December 12): The Cowboys are on the ropes now but get a shot at the NFC East leading Eagles. Just like last season the Cowboys have the answer for the speedy Eagles offense. The Cowboys win to keep their hopes alive. Result - Win (Record 8-5)

Cowboys vs. Redskins (Sunday, December 19): The first time the Cowboys played it appeared they won the game on the final play only to have a penalty wipe the win away. Things are different this time around as the Cowboys win easily. The playoff hopes are very alive now. Result - Win (Record 9-5)

Cowboys @ Arizona (Saturday, December 25): Playing on Christmas is no gift to the fans or the players. But playing on the road is actually an advantage in this situation since the players can focus solely on the game. The Cowboys win easily and clinch a wild card birth. The NFC East is up for grabs heading into the season finale for the second season in a row. Result - Win (Record 10-5)

Cowboys @ Eagles (Sunday, January 2): A rematch of last year's season finale for the NFC East crown. The Cowboys and Eagles play close down to the wire but the Cowboys are rolling and have the confidence and belief in themselves to pull out the game in the 4th quarter. The victory also clinches the #2 seed in the playoffs for the playoffs. Result - Win (Record 11-5)

Is this a likely scenario? Absolutely not. But is there really any team on the schedule that you don't think the Cowboys can beat if they play up to their abilities? I don't think so. Every year there is a team that has been left for dead that turns their season around. Why not the Cowboys? They certainly have the players to do it.


  1. I admire you for writing something that absurd but seriously dude, I think you know better Here's how it goes.

    Cowboys vs. Giants (Monday, October 25):L 47-24 (Giants 27 pts off turnovers)
    Cowboys vs. Jaguars (Sunday, October 31):W 12-10
    Cowboys @ Packers (Sunday, November 7): L 27-20
    (Romo finds a way to lose....AGAIN!)
    Cowboys @ Giants (Sunday, November 14): L 31-13
    (Giants 27 pts off turnovers......again)
    Cowboys vs. Lions (Sunday, November 21): W 19-17
    (JJ says we still have a chance...Idiot.)
    Cowboys vs. Saints (Thursday, November 25): L 24-23 (Close but no cigar. Now they really quit.)
    Cowboys @ Colts (Sunday, December 5): L 44-16
    (Over in the 2nd quarter. Wade looks confused.)
    Cowboys vs. Eagles (Sunday, December 12): W 24-17 (The Eagles suck. Romo 4 Int's though, all in the 4th Q)
    Cowboys vs. Redskins (Sunday, December 19): L 9-7 (Just get out coached....again.)
    Cowboys @ Arizona (Saturday, December 25): W 23-17 (Wade looks confused.)
    Cowboys @ Eagles (Sunday, January 2): L 44-10 (they quit on the season because it's chilly outside. Wade isn't confused anymore. He get's fired at halftime. Garrett takes over.)
    (Monday, January 3rd) Garrett Fired!

    Who knows what happens next? It can't be worse.

  2. Bit optimistic, but the key here is that they still have only played ONE division game, so they have potentially five games they have the ability to make up on their own. All needs to start this weekend though.

  3. Im thinking rest of the home games winable ,if we get on a roll the Lion game could be a trap game, but road losses to the Colts,Giants and probaly 1 other.,Im thinking best case 10-6 but probaly 9-7 Hopefully gets us in as a wild card.

  4. You know R2W you could have of just put 'Win everything no matter what' and saved yourself some typing.

    Good job on the report though shows us what the upcoming games are going to look like.

  5. I almost think thats the way the season will play out, with one exception. They lose to Philthydelphia at home to go 2 losses in a row and are 7-6 with 3 games left.

  6. F the ney-sayers!

    I love this blog. Realism coated with fanatical optimism. Cowboys aren't done until they are mathematically eliminated. We are in Week 7, people. ALOT of football left.

    They need to pull their heads out and get going, despite their lousy head coach (Wade needs to be yesterday..)


  7. This is why I come to this site. You believe even through adversity. I get so sick of fans that don't hold to the same standards they want to hold players. They say the players have no heart, they're quitters, no leadership no accountability, no chemistry.
    And when adversity to the team comes the fans quit, boycott, throw fits, want everyone fired, lose all heart and call those who refuse to quit blind or seeing through rose colored glasses.
    There's no such thing as a realist, everyone has biases that skew their outlook.
    Its easy to quit, it takes more character to stick through the adversity.
    Hell yeah 1-4 sucks right now and hell yeah there are things this team needs to clean up and fix.
    But I still believe.

    If we can go on a lousy losing streak like this then so can the eagles and giants. The giants did just that last year in the second half of the season.

  8. I love all you wrote.. I've never given up.. But I do have to say that we can beat the colts.. We did a few years ago to end their undefeated season and we can beat them again.. I guess you could say its more hope then some people give the cowboys but I'm looking at a big win streak to not lose anymore games and get us into the Superbowl.. Cowboys fan forever!! Go Cowboys!!

  9. Oh I forgot to add something to my post above.. I hope that what you said isn't true:

    "But with their 5th straight victory fans are starting to jump back on the bandwagon."

    I really want them to stay off.. Tired of all the nay-sayers.. Our Cowboys are not a bad team they just had some ill-timed penalties and you can fix those.. We are a great team, putting up great stats, and all you gotta do is fix the penalties for some more W's.. Go Cowboys!! Superbowl @ home this year and we should be there..

  10. It is annoying to say but we are a play away in each of our losses to being 5-0! RIDICULOUS!!! They will get it together this week against the Giants, they always get up for these games. Lets just hope they stay up! GO BOYS!