Sunday, October 24, 2010

The NFC Is Wide Open

As the Cowboys sit around Sunday waiting for their Monday night match up with the Giants the NFC leaders continue to struggle. With both the Saints and Eagles losing on Sunday the NFC seems pretty weak this year. There are several teams with only two losses, but it seems like the NFC is going to be a scramble for the #1 seed all season long.

So even with the Cowboys sitting at 1-4 in terrible shape they still have a very realistic opportunity to not only get back in the playoff race but also get back into contention for the #1 seed. It just might be one of those season where 10-6 or 11-5 gets you one of the top 2 seeds in the conference.

Of course all of that is completely meaningless if the Cowboys can't beat the Giants on Monday night. Not only that, but the Cowboys need to get on a decent winning streak to talk about anything other than getting their record to .500 right now. But it is nice to know that they haven't played themselves out of the NFC race yet.


  1. Come on man...stop hoping. Cowboys' season is over.

  2. Seasons not over yet.. 11 games left which means there's always a chance.. I know my Cowboys can do it.. It may seem like a long shot but nothing is impossible in this league.. Just gotta go out and play some great football.. Go Cowboys!!

  3. If the Cowboys. Big If. If the cowboys beat the giants. They will have to beat them again. Then they need to get one on the Eagles and one on the redskins. That will make them clench the playoff spot gauranteed.

    Lets hope we see some better performance tonight.

    Good work on the posts R2W.

    In a way I'd like to see them lose this game. but being a fan i'd like to see them win. I'm sure you understand my train of thought. If they lose then they will address the problems. If they win it gets swept under the rug only to bite us later.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the team rebuilt and it taking 4 or 5 years to get good again. That would be better to me then watching what has been going on with the current team. Are they even trying?