Monday, October 25, 2010

Romo's Injury Ends Any Hope

Tony Romo's broken left collarbone may not knock him out for the season but it might as well. It would be one thing if the Cowboys were sitting at 5-0 and could afford to lose a few games while they wait for Romo to return. But with a 1-5 record it is obvious that Jon Kitna and/or Stephen McGee won't be able to turn the season around.

I don't even know what to say. It is just sad. The season started with so many expectations and hopes and it is essentially over after six games. I'm going to have to sit back and digest this one for a few days before I figure out how I'm going to get through the rest of the season. It is worse than watching preseason football in a lot of ways.

My one hope is that the rest of the players on the team show some pride. They certainly didn't in the second half of the Giants game after finding out that Romo was out. I expected the defense to come out fired up but they just seemed to quit. The only guy who still seemed to be playing hard was Demarcus Ware. Hopefully the Cowboys will change their attitude this week and come out fired up against Jacksonville.

So does the injury to Romo save Wade Phillips' job? The Cowboys were 1-4 anyway, but I thought Wade would be safe if the Cowboys could find a way to make the playoffs. I wonder if Jerry Jones disregards the record this year and brings Wade back for another season. I certainly hope that isn't the case.

Note: The Cowboys did show a little life late in the 4th quarter and nearly came back to steal the game from the Giants thanks to some sloppy play from the Giants to close out the game. And Dez Bryant showed some phenomenal athletic ability throughout the game.


  1. Once the Cowboys knew about Romo, they gave up...he stays in that gam, the win. Plain and simple. The Giants and Cowboys both played great until that injury to Romo, then the Cowboys just lost all hope.

    I was shocked to find out they only lost by 6.

  2. I hope this is finally the straw but I don't think it is. Really wish Romo would have stayed in. I think that we are going to get the usual BS treatment from Jones saying 'We aren't a 1-5 team. Wade Phillips is doing fine.' The problem is he let his team give up. And he let someone make the boneheaded don't kick a field goal call.

    Really ready to see how someone else copes with the team. THe players aren't completely faultless don't get me wrong. They need to play professionally and play for the fans. Quitting the second half was rediculous. Sure Kitna can't throw the ball to save his life but he did enough to get the score down to 6.

    Romo is a leader as long as he is in the game once he was sidelined he just stood there watching. But again if there was a coach behind this telling people to stay in the game and yelling and getting excited. No more bobblehead for me thanks.

    At least on a positive note we can enjoy the rest of the season. No pressure no 'We could make it' just watching the team play. If they play.

  3. Ha the only thing we can look forward to is getting a top 10 pick in each round for the draft! At least you get rewarded for being bad!

  4. We need OL, Safety and CB. Oh and FB too...................stupid missed block cost Romo his season.

  5. Its just hard to belive the season over now....Hope John Gruden took lots of notes on his new team.

  6. I would like to see cowboys fans boycott the first quarter, or the first part of the first quarter, the next home game.

    I have never said this, 20 years being a Cowboys fan, until today. I will still enjoy watching whatever wins we have this season, and I really think we will be back in a big way next, but Jerry Jones needs to relinquish control of the GM position.

    I think the story that hasn't been reported is the drafts the past two years, not really drafting players that can step in but projects, has really hurt us having pure athletes on the team. While I understand many projects have worked out( Austin, Romo to name a couple), I think you saw the benefits of having a lot of athletes on the field instead of looking for the next big undrafted star.

    I've been reading your blog for a while and I'm a big fan; I think you are a level headed Cowboys fan with some good things to say. We can point the direction in a lot of places, but I think we need to boycott a part of a game to send a message to Jerry. We still support our team and our players, but we need you to put us in the best possible situation.

    I've also never been a fan of Jason Garrett, although this season cannot be fully placed on his shoulders. There are a lot of missing intangibles here and there, but a message needs to be sent from the fans; the people who spend all kinds of money and time following the team, traveling around the nation to watch them play, and defending the star when the past decade has not always been something to be proud of.

    Jerry, step up and be a man. You ask everyone to be accountable, it is your time. Give control to someone who has been a coach, or a scout, or in a locker room or huddle who knows the entire picture and focus on selling our absolutely wonderful stadium. Focus on making the money and financing the team and the Lombardi Trophy will be back in your trophy case.

  7. The season isn't over yet guys.. I'm still hoping the cowboys can bring it together and get us into at least a wildcard position.. Romo will come back to play the last 4 games or so.. We can still do it if we start winning now.. Kitna isn't that bad of a QB he just needs to get some full practices with the 1st stringers.. It hurt the team to see Romo not coming back.. He really was the leader of this team and all those romo haters out there would say otherwise but you could see it in the rest of the team.. Come on Cowboys.. Don't give up get some wins so Romo can get us into the wildcards.. Its still possible with 10 games left..

  8. I say that we trade Wade Phillips for Mike Leach.

    A.) he can piss off Jerry Jones and not let him run the team.

    B.) He won't take 'good enough' from the players.

    C.) He will never make excuses.

    And really how the cowboys play isn't that different from college football anyways.