Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Season Keeps Rolling On

As much as the season has the feeling of a lost cause at this point the Cowboys still have a game to play on Sunday. I can't fool myself into thinking the Cowboys have any realistic shot of turning the season around without Tony Romo running the offense. Even with Romo making something out of this season would have been a challenge.

But technically there is still a chance. And the Cowboys still have to show up on Sunday to play the Jaguars so they might as well go out there and give it everything they have. And if the Cowboys had to play any team without their top offensive player it might as well be a team that has major problems with its defense.

It is going to be interesting to see how the offense changes with Kitna running the show. I don't think the Giants game was really a good representation of what he is capable of considering his lack of practice reps over the last two seasons. But with a full week practicing with the starters he shouldn't come out rusty like he did against the Giants. I'm assuming that Kitna is going to start at least until the Cowboys are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs so I'm going to throw all of my support behind him. He has a monumental task in front of him over the next few weeks.

Speaking of monumental tasks, the Cowboys defense has got to take their game to another level. The defense was actually pretty good up until the Giants game. So I am hoping they can crank it up a few notches to make up for the fact that they offense is probably going to be a lot less explosive with Kitna at quarterback. I think the defense can dominate the Jaguars offense, but I'll believe it when I see it. Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer and Jay Ratliff need to start making game changing plays if the Cowboys are going to win some of their games without Romo.

The performance from the special teams last week needs to continue. Kick returns were actually pretty good and Dez Bryant had the best punt return I have ever seen from a Cowboys player. And the kick and punt coverage both did a good job controlling the Giants return game last week. Again, with the offense running at less than full steam the special teams needs to pick up the slack.

The bottom line is I know the Cowboys can beat the Jaguars this week. The key word there is that they CAN beat the Jaguars. The question is whether they actually go out and get the job done. I've made a fool of myself picking the Cowboys to win every week this year. And I guess I'm a glutton for punishment because I think they'll get it done this week. I think the Cowboys come out fired up to make up for their missing quarterback. I'm picking the Cowboys to win the game 27-14.


  1. here is my thinking. Win Lose doesn't really matter anymore. I want to see the boys get back to basics. No penalty's solid play. Kitna is a horrible QB. Just in my opinion. He nearly beaned Wade Phillips (unfortunately missed) trying to get his pass off.

    So to me its not really that he hasn't had reps with the first team. But that he just really really wasn't playing well. Like even if he did dknow exactly where they were at he would over/under throw by 5 yards and on the over its 4 feet above their head.

    That comes from him not working hard. but maybe he was nervous.. who knows.

    I think the cowboys should just relax and have fun. And Jerry Jones should quit treating them like a sideshow pimping them out for more money. GM Jerry needs to protect his team from CEO Jerry as i'm convinced that is what his strategy is.

    Its like he wants them to be OMFG horrible or OMFG comeback good. Just an observation. Just like ok how many times are the cowboys in the news around the nation? Like a travelling side show.

  2. Thats it. With the loss to the jags this season is officially over. At best the Cowboys can just spoil other team's playoff plans. Watch the Eagles or the Giants end up playing in the Super Bowl in our house. Wow... What a dissappointment.

  3. Come on R2W hit us with some positive outlook.

  4. its official. The season is now so bad that R2W doesn't even know where to start. I've seen R2W go quite for the game day but never 2 consecutive after a loss. Usually he uses it as cooldown time so he doesn't get on and go crazy. Kind of like going to bed mad.

    Unfortunately this is so bad and there are no answers besides what JJ already said, 'ummmmm..... i'm sorry?'.

    Where did all the fans go that said I was jumping ship. Calling me bandwagon?

    I'm still here I'm still a fan. I just saw this crap fest coming.

  5. WBF...I actually attended the game yesterday. So that fact combined with a major accident on I-35 on the way back to Austin prevented me from posting last night. I'm still here and I will be posting tonight (the day after the loss as usual). I don't think I ever called you bandwagon but maybe someone else did. are right, it is over and the team has become an embarrassment.

  6. I was wondering some of the same things. R2W questioning who was a "true fan" because we could actually see through the smoke and mirrors, and call a spade a spade. The Cowboys (my Cowboys) are a really poor football team. Period. Just because I can look people in the eye and tell them that, doesn't mean I'm not a loyal fan. The Cowboys need some direction, and not from Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett, Dave Campo, or anyone else currently involved in the so called "management" of this team. Actually, it's probably a good thing the wheels have completely fallen off the bus. It will force Jerry Jones to take a very hard look at how this organization is run. Let's all hope, for the sake of OUR Cowboys, that this what happens, so we don't have to go through this gut wrenching scenario again.