Monday, November 8, 2010

Jerry Finally Makes the Right Call

I was hoping Jerry Jones would make the move after the 2008 season ended in disaster. So I've sat watching the Cowboys for another season and a half knowing the Cowboys were fighting a losing battle with Wade running the show. I was shocked that Jerry didn't fire Wade after the embarrassing showing against the Jaguars last week. But the worst game I have ever watched as a fan of the Dallas Cowboys finally convinced Jerry that the time had come.

I know all of the problems with the Dallas Cowboys aren't leaving with Wade Phillips. But something had to be done. Wade didn't show any fire and it seems like his players followed his lead. When the Packers picked up the non-fumble on the kickoff return in the second quarter last night and ran it back for a bogus touchdown I was livid about the missed call. But Wade...he just stood there emotionless as usual. How can he not get angry and at least yell at the officials in that situation? I almost punched a hole in the wall and I'm not a violent person.

I really do think Wade Phillips is a very nice man. But he lost his team a long time ago. Like I've said before, I believe the Cowboys won last season in spite of Wade Phillips as opposed to because of him. And the playoff win last season created a mirage that convinced Jerry Jones that things were heading in the right direction. But Wade's laid back approach has allowed a talented, promising team to unravel into the joke of the NFL.

So now Jason Garrett gets to try to clean up the mess. And it is fitting that he takes over. Jason has been part of the problem over the last few years. If things have been too lackadaisical with the team approach you have to give Garrett part of the blame. He has had complete control over the offensive side of the ball and the offense has become sloppy and undisciplined slowly but surely over the last two seasons.

I'm not saying I don't think Jason Garrett can get the job done. He is very smart and organized. And from what I have witnessed watching him coach in training camp and on Hard Knocks he seems like a hands on guy who will voice his displeasure with his players. Maybe without Wade there Jason will be more willing and able to crack down on the sloppy, undisciplined play. Things certainly can't get any worse.

I know a lot of people aren't happy with Jerry's choice for interim head coach. But I think handled it exactly right. If Jason Garrett can't get the job done at least we will find out in a setting where there is nothing to lose. And if he does manage to turn the team around we will know that he is the man for the job. It is the perfect job interview. I'm going to hope that Jason Garrett can get the job done. And if he can't we can go after a new coach in the offseason.


  1. I have to say that one of the things lately that just floored me was when Wade said that he had watched two years worth of our game tapes recently and seen that fundamentals were lacking. Seriously? It took you that long Wade to notice a problem? Wow. I just couldn't believe he said that. I think the rest of this year comes down to motivation. Can Jason Garrett properly motivate the team? That will be something to look for as the season goes on. Even if they don't win many more, if they are playing more motivated football, then I think Garrett will be a decent HC.

  2. I believe Deion Sanders said it best after the game.. "Its not the coaches fault, its the players.. I never needed a coach to motivate me.. The players have to find ways to motivate themselves" I have to agree with him.. Coaches weren't the problem this year.. Players were.. Maybe they are being effected by the possible Lock out this next year.. Still a fan though.. Go Cowboys

  3. WBF

    Players are a big problem. But they are spoiled. I think Garrett will do a good job as interim. Long term? Maybe. But I did like his 'I will bench you during games if you don't get your act together.' As well he should.

    Starting with Kitna for McGee. Then Austin for Dez Bryant.

    If I were him i'd use Dez popularity to get the other receivers in line. Dez is the new Austin this season and the starters better start sweating.

  4. WBF

    IS EXCITED again. Jason Garret (GJ) is doing full practice and whooping them into shape.

    Cowboys over Giants 21-7 this Sunday. Be watching for what whoop ass looks like.

  5. Look at the reality of an Assistant Coach, they can never put their stamp on a team because the players look past him to the Head Coach or Owner. Garrett now has the opportunity to do things his way and make a difference one way or another. To me, I already like seeing and listening to his press conferences. Total opposite of wade. Garrett is in control from start to finish with the media, it is real and I believe it will translate over to the players.

  6. WBF

    Might have gone to far. I let a fellow employee record me saying the Cowboys are beating the giants 21-7.

    Go Cowboys lets get some silver and blue blood going.