Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cowboys Need a Convincing Win

The more I mull over the first five games of the season for the Cowboys the more I am becoming convinced that they still have a shot at a good season. Yes, they are finding a way to lose close games in the clutch. But they are also learning to compete with the best the NFL has to offer this season.

In order for the Cowboys to be the team all of the fans hope they can be they are going to have to start winning against quality opponents. Well, this isn't the week to worry about that. The Cowboys need to win against the Rams and they need to do it convincingly.

I am not subscribing to the idea that this is a trap game. The Cowboys aren't good enough to take any opponent for granted. Entering the game with a 2-3 record should be enough to make the Cowboys realize that they need a win in the worst way.

The defense should be dominant in this game. The Rams have struggled on offense all season long. And, if Sam Bradford finds a way to play, their quarterback will be hobbling around and be nearly immobile in the pocket. The defense should be able to completely shut down Steven Jackson since he will be the only offensive threat the Rams can put on the field.

The defense for the Rams isn't terrible. But the Cowboys should be able to score a lot of points because they will have a lot of opportunities to wear down the defense. They need to find a rhythm and start putting the ball in the endzone more consistently. This is a good game to find that rhythm. The running game hasn't been good at all this season but maybe with some more bulk in the middle of the line with Montrae Holland at guard the Cowboys will be able to establish a decent running game. Demarco Murray is going to get plenty of opportunities to show what he can do. Hopefully the offensive line will give him a real shot to rack up yards on the ground.

The way this game plays out will tell us what kind of season we are in for. If the Cowboys can win in dominant fashion then we at least know they have enough talent to overwhelm inferior teams. But if this is another 3 point heartstopper then we might just be looking at an 8-8 season.

The Cowboys have proven they can hang with anyone. Now it is time to prove that they can win the games they are supposed to win. I think the fans finally get a chance to relax during a dominating win. I'm expecting the Cowboys to win big. I am picking the Cowboys to win 31-13.

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  1. I think the days of Cowboys blowing anyone out are gone for the time being....