Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Real Dallas Cowboys?

We finally get to see a nearly healthy version of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys this weekend. After the first four games there seem to be just as many questions about the team as there were before the season started. But now that the Cowboys have had a week off and will be getting most of their injured players back it is time to find out if this team can really compete at a high level.

The Patriots will certainly test every facet of the team. And I don't mean to say that the Patriots are an unbeatable opponent. But they will present challenges that are beyond what the team has faced up to this point. Wes Welker and Tom Brady are going to provide a big test for the new Rob Ryan defense. And you know they will score some points no matter how well the defense plays.

So that means that the offense will also be under the gun. We already know that Tony Romo has the weight of the world on his shoulders based on his second half performance in the Lions game. Add to that the pressure of having to go score for score with Tom Brady. The offense is going to have to play a clean game and put up a lot of points if the Cowboys expect to win. With Miles Austin and Dez Bryant both back to 100% there are no excuses this week.

I don't know what to expect from the team this week. I do have confidence that the Cowboys can win the game. But the big question is if Jason Garrett can get his team to play good football for four quarters against a quality opponent. This isn't a make it or break it game but it will go a long way to answering the question of how good the Cowboys can be this year.

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  1. If Romo plays mistake-free football -- AND -- still provides that special brand of playmaking that only Romo can provide, the Cowboys win this game.