Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Cowboys Need Another Win

The Cowboys come into the Dolphins game riding on the high of a three game winning streak. But just because they have won three games in a row doesn't mean they can afford to lose a game against an inferior team. It is very likely that the Cowboys will need 10 wins to make the playoffs. That means that they need to go 4-2 over their last 6 games. And that means they have to win the remaining games on the schedule against teams with losing records.

A few weeks ago it appeared that this would be an easy game for the Cowboys. The Dolphins were winless and they were finding a way to lose every week. But the Cowboys three game winning streak has been mirrored by a three game winning streak for the Dolphins.

Matt Moore has been on a roll during the winning streak. I felt that when the Cowboys released Moore a few years ago that they had made a mistake. It isn't like Matt Moore is going to be the next Tom Brady but I thought he had potential. He has developed into a guy who would have been a good backup option for the Cowboys.

I think the bigger concern for the Cowboys has to be Reggie Bush. The Dolphins have finally figured out how to use Reggie Bush in their system. And he creates matchup nightmares for any opponent. Sean Lee has the athleticism to match up with Bush but he is still playing one-handed. Lee's ability to contain Bush will have a big impact on whether the Cowboys can contain the Dolphin offense.

I think the offense will put up points for the Cowboys. The Dolphins aren't world beaters on defense but they are decent. They are currently ranked 9th in the NFL in yards allowed so it isn't like we should expect Tony Romo to throw for 5 TD's and DeMarco Murray to run for 150 yards. But I do think the Cowboys will be able to put up at least 24 points which should be enough for a win.

The Cowboys defense needs to force a few early 3 and outs and maybe a turnover or two so the Cowboys can get out to an early lead. The Dolphins don't have an explosive offense that can play from behind. Matt Moore has been great over the last 3 games but his history includes a lot of high turnover games. The defense needs to make this another one of those games.

I'm expecting a relatively easy win for the Cowboys. But I don't think that it will be a complete blowout. Tony Romo will continue his excellent play and Sean Lee will find a way to limit the big plays of Reggie Bush. I'm picking the Cowboys to win the game 24-13.


  1. First off, R2W, I enjoy your blog very much. I agree with about 85% of what you say most of the time. I have been reading your blog for a little over 3 years I'm thinking.

    Now, I was born and raised in West Texas and I bleed blue and Gray. With that being said, I have three words for our defense, HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE!!!

    There is now way in hell we are going to beat the Giants, let alone go anywhere in the playoffs. Regardless if we win or lose this game, our defense is pathetic.

    Or maybe the blame should fall on Ryan. I don't know. But really? I don't care what anyone says, Miami is NOT THAT GOOD! I don't care if they won three games in a row or not. They beat KC, Skins and the Bills. Big whoop!

    I'm just venting and I appreciate the place your provide for me to vent. But dammit DEFENSE, TIGHTEN UP!!!


  2. I agree 100% with Mike (about the blog and defense). You know whats funny? My wife said to me, "I am sick and tired of the Dallas defense making these average quarterbacks look amazing".

    Another comment she made, and she has said it for the past 3 or 4 weeks, is how the opposing team seems to try and make a 1st down EVERY play, the Cowboys seem to want to make only 2-3 yards per play.

    Gosh, I have such a smart wife....

  3. A win is a win, right? The Cowboys are beating the teams they need to beat. But barely. I've never felt more nervous about a 7-4 team. They just haven't beaten anyone and have trouble beating the lower to mid-level teams. If they make the playoffs, whoever they play is going to be really happy to play them because I don't see the Cowboys having a chance to win a playoff game. They lucked out with the schedule this year. Same as the Packers. The Packers could go undefeated because of their schedule. No games against the 49ers or Pats or Steelers or Ravens and so on. The schedule is set up for the Boys to make the playoffs but it's not set up for them to be prepared for what waits for them when they get there. They need to get better real fast.