Friday, November 4, 2011

This Should Be An Easy Win

The game on Sunday against the Seahawks reminds me a lot of the game against the Rams a few weeks ago. The Cowboys just have an overwhelming talent advantage entering the game. That should be a recipe for another dominating victory.

I am still reeling from the beat down the Cowboys took from the Eagles. It has convinced me that the Cowboys just aren’t as good as I thought they were this season. Good teams don’t lose 34-7 to a 2-4 team. I have come to the realization that the Cowboys aren’t going to do anything this season if they don’t start getting on a roll right now.

Fortunately the Seahawks are coming to town at the right time. The Cowboys need a win. Any kind of win. The Seahawks are a team that could beat you if you took them lightly. But the Cowboys can’t afford to take anyone lightly.

I have some big concerns about Keith Brooking filling in for Sean Lee at linebacker. Brooking was absolutely terrible last week. He looked like a guy who should have retired a few years ago and it made me wonder if a big part of the defensive problems last year came from his performance. Hopefully he can get the Cowboys through this game before Sean Lee can hopefully return for the Bills game next week.

Is the offensive line ever going to improve? There has been a lot of talk about the lack of deep passes by the offense in recent weeks. It seemed pretty obvious to me against the Eagles that Romo just didn’t have time to get the ball down the field. Deep routes take time to set up and Romo isn’t getting enough time from the offensive line to get receivers open deep down the field.

On the positive side with the offensive line at least their run blocking seems to be rounding into shape. As bad as the game was last week was at least DeMarco Murray found some big running lanes on his limited attempts last week. I expect to see that continue this week against the Seahawks. I don’t think he’ll be running for 250+ yards but I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t break 100.

I’m confident the defense will be able to force a few Tavaris Jackson turnovers even without Sean Lee and Mike Jenkins. As long as Romo doesn’t have one of his high turnover games there is no reason to think that the Cowboys will lose this game. I’m picking the Cowboys to win big, 27-16.


  1. The days for easy wins are over when Jerry and Jason are in charge. If they do happen to win by a decent margin, I chalk that up to some luck, stars alignment, and maybe some bribes to the referees.

    The way I see it, if I expect the 'Boys to lose (which I always do with Dumb and Dumber in charge), and they somehow win, well, awesome!

  2. And to add to my previous comment...the Cowboys can't even score a touchdown when they are inside 10 yards...nevermind with a 1st and 10...Garret wants to get cute with his BS plays...

  3. I'm still sticking by what I said before the Eagles game: that if they lost, they wouldn't make the playoffs. They did lose, and they won't make the playoffs. You were right when you said that this is a mediocre team. That's exactly how they played again today. They were at home against one of the worst teams in the league and beat them by 10. A win is a win, and getting to .500 certainly makes me feel a lot better than I was feeling last week but it's a shame that we're only halfway through the season and it's essentially over. They're not playing like they're going to be a threat this year. The Giants showed today that they're taking the division by beating the Pats in Foxboro. Yet another year gone. One playoff win in the last fifteen years. Saddens me beyond belief.

  4. I agree, Anon...I agree.

  5. They have talent at many positions, but lets not forget that with Romo not being able to trust the offensive line the offense will struggle. Now with Murray running like a top 5 running back in recent weeks we can hope that this will alleviate some pressure off the o-line. The offense will just get better as the weeks go on, if everyone can stay healthy, hopefully miles wont be out long.

    On the defensive side of the ball we need Sean Lee back ASAP. I have a lot of respect for Brooking and what he has done over his career but his time has past. He is too slow in coverage, he gets stiff armed on too many tackle attempts and we need our ILBs to be tackle machines with all the blitzes that Rob Ryan dials up.

    I think we are in for a few exciting wins over the next month. Buffalo and Washington have both come down to earth a little bit over the last few weeks. Miami on Thanksgiving day should be a romping and Arizona the week after should be a breeze. Bring on the Giants on Dec. 11 to start 4 weeks of battling for the division....GO BOYS.

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