Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Agency Frenzy

Wow! Things moved fast on Wednesday for the Dallas Cowboys. By the time the dust settled at the end of the day the Cowboys had a new starting cornerback, a new backup QB, a new starting fullback, and possibly a new starting guard. So much for the reports that the bogus cap penalty the Cowboys were hit with was going to limit their activity in free agency.

I don't think we're talking about Washington Redskin or Philadelphia Eagle type of free agency signings here either. The Cowboys have been busy but they aren't going after every top guy available. For the most part they have been signing mid-level free agents who are reasonably priced.

Brandon Carr was a good signing. A good defense needs three quality cornerbacks at a minimum nowadays. And Carr is no slouch. He will be an upgrade over Terance Newman and Orlando Scandrick can do what he does best in the slot. My concern about this signing is the price. I was hoping to see a deal in the $8 to $9 million range but at least the Cowboys locked up a top player at a primary need position.

I love the Kyle Orton signing. Stephen McGee has not shown enough to be counted on as the #2 QB heading into next season. Orton, like Kitna before him, has had a decent run as a starting QB and is ready to accept the role of Romo's backup.

Lawrence Vickers was a great move for the Cowboys. It was obvious how much the fullback helped the Cowboys when Tony Fiammetta was healthy last season. Now the Cowboys have a dependable fullback locked up for three years.

And finally, the Cowboys added depth on the offensive line by signing Mackenzy Bernadeau. He has good size and has been in the league for 3 years as a reliable backup and has some starting experience. I guess we know what the Cowboys really think of their young talent at guard. I have to assume that one or more of the guards from last season won't be back. The Cowboys need all the help in the interior of the offensive line they can get.

The signings aren't over yet. The Cowboys are hosting Brodney Pool on Thursday. I'd love to see a new starting safety locked up before the draft so the Cowboys can focus on defensive line and outside linebacker without reaching for a safety early on. Pool is a former 2nd round pick and has been a solid starter in the league.

So far I am very happy with the moves the Cowboys have made in free agency. I'm glad they are active because there are a lot of holes to fill. I don't mind seeing a flurry of activity as long as they aren't mortgaging the future with huge contracts.

I'm interested to know how other fans are feeling about the moves made in free agency so far. Please tell me how you feel about what the Cowboys have done so far in the comments section.


  1. I'm overall happy, but feel we've overpaid slightly for Carr. However, if he plays like he did last year, it will be worth it.

    If we can further solidify the team enough in the coming days so we can focus on big defensive playmakers in the draft, we can be a player in the NFC this year.

    Who will we sign to be our #3 after Robinson left?

    Lastly, I have a bad feeling Bennett will reach his potential with the Gmen ...

  2. We overpaid for a carr a bit but by next year the deal will be reasonable. If we sign a center I would give this FA an A plus. I dont understand many cowboys fans who are still crying. We need a lot but we can only get so much. I think the boys have made smart moves and if we hit on the draft, good things are on the horizon!

  3. Powerful! A developed technology in many years.

  4. Overall, I feel better about this Free Agency period than any other in recent memory. We also picked up Brodney Pool and LB Dan Connor from Carolina. It just keeps coming and getting better. This will hopefully open up the draft and needless to say I am chomping at the bits for Training Camp or even Pre-Season. GO COWBOYS!

  5. I really like all the Players the Cowboys signed.

    Now, this with the rest of FA and the Draft, I hope we have a solid team to at least fight off the vaGiants next season and make them stay home.

  6. Im not really sure how I feel about Brandon Carr? Is he really worthy of that contract?